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Meade 8X50 Rear Focus Finderscope - White Tube - 07829

SKU: MEA-07829

Meade Rear Focus Viewfinder - White Tube

If you need a replacement finder scope for your Meade LX200 telescope, then the Meade Model #829 Rear Focus 8X50 Finder is for you. Also, an upgrade over the 6X30 Meade finderscopes supplied with many Meade Telescopes.

The #829 Meade Viewfinder has a generous 50 mm aperture. The 8X50 Viewfinder is capable of spotting objects over one magnitude dimmer, than a 6x30 scope, making it easier for you to locate faint nebulae and galaxies. The Meade 8X50 Finder scope offers exceptional aid in finding objects at low power for polar alignment or quick spotting. It incorporates a rear focusing mechanism which is very convenient. The Meade 8x50 View Finder also comes with a bracket that will easily attach to any dovetail base of a telescope. In white color.

Rear Focus Viewfinder - White Tube Features:

  • White color paint, to match a telescope with a white OTA body

  • Extra magnitude grasp over "standard" finders

  • Incorporates a rear-focusing mechanism

  • One year Meade warranty