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Baader 2" Standard Eyepiece Extension - EXT-2


Baader 2” Standard Eyepiece Extension

  • The Baader 2" Standard Extension includes two pieces, the Baader T2-17 2” Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder, and a 2” barrel.
  • The eyepiece holder portion of the extension uses two large thumbscrews for secure clamping, and a captive bronze compression ring to prevent marring.
  • The optical path length is 60mm.
  • Removable 2” barrel is fully baffled and threaded to accept 2” filters.
  • Includes a dust plug and barrel cap to keep the interior clean when not in use.

More About the T2-17 Eyepiece Holder

The Baader Planetarium T2-17 2" Deluxe Clamping Eyepiece Holder has a captive spring-bronze clamp ring and dual oversized stainless thumbscrews to protect your eyepiece and accessory barrels from damaging. Completely constraining your wobble is the inclusion of the 2 point screws that result in a 3-point attachment. While most single clamp screws still allow some motion, having the 2 point screws narrows down such motion to a bare minimum. Also with having the 2 point screws, users with difficulty or who are physically unable to firmly grasp the thumbscrew now have an advantage of doubling the locking force with having 2 screws. The holder is precisely machined to fit your eyepieces with a minimum slop, resulting in a close accurate fit that keeps your eyepiece properly centered on the optical axis. The holder is provided with an internal 2" thread which is the same plate used on the back of SCT telescopes. This allows the holder to be directly threaded onto SCT's and in turn offering the widest views achievable.