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Field Flatteners

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William Optics 68III Field Flattener

William Optics Flattener 68III - P-FLAT68III

  • William Optics 68III Field Flattener made for use with f/6 to f/7/5 focal ratio refractor telescopes.
  • Offers compatibility with FLT132 and 102GTS apochromatic refractors, as well as other refractors with M92 focuser thread.
  • Provides coverage for DSLR cameras with full size 50 mm clear lens aperture.
  • Accepts standard M48 threaded camera t-rings.
  • Threaded and blackened internal surfaces eradicate reflections.
  • Protective covers are included for both sides.
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William Optics 0.72x Reducer/Flattener

William Optics 0.72x Reducer/Flattener 8 - P-FLAT8

  • This William Optics Focal Reducer and Field Flattener provides f/6 to f/7/8 focal ratio refractors with 0.72x reduction in effective focal length.
  • Features an STM-coated, fine doublet air-spaced designed lens made using only top-notch Ohara optical glass.
  • Provides coverage for DSLR cameras with full size 50 mm clear lens aperture.
  • Uses internal threading and blackening to eliminate all reflections.
  • All standard camera t-rings with M48x0.75 thread are accepted.
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William Optics Adjustable Field Flattener for ZenithStar 73

William Optics Field Flattener for ZenithStar 73 with Adjustable Backfocus - P-FLAT73A

  • ZenithStar 73 Field Flattener
  • M63 threads attaches directly to the Z73 after focus adapter has been removed
  • The Z73 Flattener is adjustable up to 15mm to achieve perfect back focus
  • A locking ring holds your back focus adjustment firmly in place
  • Camera side has M48 threads to accept a wide T-ring (sold separately)
  • Gold metal caps for both ends protect the Field Flattener when not in use

William Optics Adjustable Flat61 for Z61 - P-FLAT61A

  • Flattener for William Optics ZenithStar 61 (Z61) refractors
  • M63 threads on the telescope side attach directly to the Z61 focuser
  • M48 threads on the camera side accept a "wide" T-ring (sold separately)
  • Adjustable up to 12mm to achieve perfect back focus
  • Back focus is 55 mm, image circle is 43 mm

These quality field flatteners from High Point Scientific create wide, flat viewing fields for stargazing. When your scope is sharply focused, you may notice stars and other celestial objects at the edge of your field of view to appear blurry or unfocused. A field flattener corrects this problem. They reduce the normal field curvature inherent in most refractors. The result is an image that is sharply focused out to the very corners of your field of view. A field flattener is also must-have for observers interested in astrophotography. This way your images are sharp and clear without any distortions at the edges.

We offer a full line of field flatteners for you to choose from. We carry field flatteners from virtually all major brands, including Celestron, Stellarvue, Meade, William Optics, Orion as well as many others. Many can be used with either a CCD or DSLR camera with the correct t-ring installed. However, when using a field flattener with a CCD camera, you may need extension tubes or spacer rings to achieve the necessary backfocus. This is because the backfocus of CCD cameras depend on the model.

Not all field flatteners are created equal. Oftentimes, a field flattener also has focal reducer capabilities, so you can get wider shots out of your scope. Be sure to check each field flattener we carry to see if you can use it as a focal reducer as well. Field flatteners also come in many different sizes, sometimes designed for a specific telescope model. If you’re unsure what to get for your scope, the experts at High Point Scientific are standing by to help!

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