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iOptron Green Moon Filter - 1.25" - TFE100


iOptron Green Moon Filter Highlights

  • This dark green filter from iOptron has 24% transmission

  • Lowers the brightness level of the Moon on any telescope so you can see more detail.

  • The iOptron Green Moon Filter can also be used with bright planets like Venus, and, if you have a larger aperture telescope (8" and up) it is helpful for observations of the polar ice caps on Mars and to increase contrast in the red and bluish regions of Jupiter's atmosphere.

  • Standard filter thread (M28.5x0.6) fits to most 1.25” eyepieces

More About the iOptron Green Moon Filter

A moon filter reduces irradiation, glare, and excess image brightness in lunar observing. It also improves the contrast between lunar albedo features.

The iOptron green moon filter will screw directly into the barrel of most 1.25" eyepieces. Its green color cuts the glare of the Moon and improves the contrast so it is easier for you to see faint details that might otherwise be washed out by the brightness of the lunar surface.