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iOptron 3 lb. SkyTracker Pro Counterweight - 8605

SKU: IOP-8605

iOptron 3 Pound SkyTracker Pro Counterweight

The iOptron 8605 Counterweight weighs 3 pounds (1.35kg) and while it was designed for the SkyTracker Pro, this counterweight can be used with a variety of iOptron mounts. It can be moved and locked in place on your mount's counterweight shaft for optimal telescope balance. Includes a large convenient locking knob.

Compatible iOptron Mounts:

  • Sky-Guider Pro
  • SkyTracker Pro
  • CubePro
  • Cube-A (Dual AltAz/EQ mounts)*
  • Cube-G*
  • Cube-E*
  • SkyGuider
  • iEQ30 or 30 Pro
  • ZEQ25 or CEM25
  • MiniTower/ II / Pro
  • AZ Mount Pro

*Requires the CW Shaft 8607 as well

Additional Specs:

  • Inner Diameter: 20.5 mm
  • Weight: ~3 lb., or 1.35kg

Please Note: This counterweight replaces the iOptron 8606. The 8606 weighed 3.5 pounds, while the newer 8605 weighs 3 pounds. Other than the weight difference, they have the same inner diameter, and can be used on the same mounts.