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Takahashi CCA 250 mm Tri-Focal Astrograph Telescope OTA - TCK25010


Takahashi CCA 250 mm Tri-Focal Astrograph Telescope OTA

  • The Takahashi CCA-250 Tri-Focal Astrograph functions at f/5, f/8, and f/3.9 (with 6345 Flattener) and has an aperture of 250 mm (9.84")
  • The CCA-250 Tri-Focal Astrograph was produced by Takahashi to replace the Baker Ritchey Chretien BRC-250
  • The CCA-250 rear assembly includes a large camera rotator and can operate an electric rotator for remote operation
  • The CCA-250 Tri-Focal Astrograph Modified Cassegrain design includes a carbon fiber tube allowing for light weight and stable focus
  • The CCA-250 by Takahashi has a D-series (Losmandy) -compatible dovetail for easy mounting

The CCA-250 Tri-Focal Astrograph by Takahashi is the latest visual and astrophotographic tool that takes the place of the Takahashi Baker Ritchey Chretien BRC-250. The CCA-250 has an aperture size of 250 mm (9.84"), and it incorporates a built-in electric focus which allows for the use of software, ensuring flawless focus. For remote operation, the large camera rotator makes us of an electric rotator. Operating your CCA-250 can be done in three different focal lengths. They include focal lengths of either f/5, f/8, or f/3.9 (with 6345 Flattener). This design allows for the use of big chip cameras suiting almost any observer's needs. The CCA-250 is made of a carbon fiber which helps for light weight, steady temperature operation and superb focus. With the Active Focuser system which installs the stepping motor for focus adjustment in rear side of the secondary mirror, the focus adjusting is done by electro-motion. With this system, automatic focusing of the digital equipment is possible.

Because this drive is installed in the tube of the CCA-250, no longer will you have to be bothered by using additional cables. The automatic focusing function connects with the personal computer and the USB cable from the control software for Focus.

There is a sensor in the CCA-250 that measures the air temperature around the primary mirror and inside the tube. When the temperature difference of that area of the tube is large, there are three inhalation fans that lead the air to the primary mirror in order for the air temperature to adapt quickly. You are able to set the operation from Focus Infinity from ON and OFF. It controls three fans under the conditions which are set. The fans can turn on and off with the button operation of drive. In order for the inhalation fan not to interfere with your astrophotography, set the vibrating fan on low.


  • Optical Design: Modified Cassegrain
  • Image Circle: 88 mm diameter (60% illuminated)
  • Optical Performance: 2 microns RMS-spot radius on axis
  • Image angular: 4 degrees diameter
  • Electric Focus secondary computer controlled
  • Back focus/metal back: 155.4 mm-193.9 mm with CAA removed