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Zhumell 20x80 Giant Astronomy Binoculars - ZHUG003-1


Zhumell 20x80 Giant Astronomy Binoculars

An excellent tool for both astronomical and terrestrial viewing, these Zhumell Super Giant Binoculars contain large 80mm objective lenses to help invigorate the Milky Way galaxy and aid in the discovery of numerous celestial wonders such as nebulae, star clusters, and much more! Of all the features offered by the Zhumell 20x80 Giant Binoculars, one of the most impressive has to be their relatively light weight. As one would assume, large binoculars tend to be fairly heavy which can be a literal pain in the neck. However, these binoculars weigh only 4.4 lbs. In addition, they are outfitted with a built-in tripod mount for attachment to any standard photographic tripod.

The most remarkable aspect of these binoculars is their sheer size. You would be hard pressed to find binoculars with objective lens diameters larger than 80mm, and certainly not within Zhumell's price range. Interpupillary distance is adjustable from 2.25" to 2.75".

As soon as you try these large binoculars for either astronomical or terrestial viewing, you'll notice that anything smaller pales in comparison and have no desire to go back. Luckily, with all the advantages Zhumell binoculars provide, you won't have to.

Built-In Tripod Adapter

An integrated tripod adapter enables these Zhumell SuperGiant Binoculars to be quickly and easily attached to your favorite tripod. This adapter employs standard 1/4-20 thread, common to all tripods. It is also adjustable to ensure proper binocular weight balance. Using a tripod is highly recommended when viewing single targets such as Jupiter or Saturn when the need for a steady image is critical.

Not Just For Astronomy

Zhumell's 20x80 SuperGiant Binoculars are optimally suited not only for astronomical use, but for many terrestial uses as well. By pointing these binoculars at remote ships or far off buildings, you'll be instantly transported 20 times closer! An excellent tool for viewing long-distance landscapes and other Earth-bound targets, Zhumell Giant Binoculars are as capable of viewing terrestial objects as they are of viewing the night sky.

A large center focus wheel enables quick and smooth focus adjustments. With a large object like Jupiter in view, the largest Jovian moons can also be seen surrounding the massive planet. By focusing the binocular as tight as possible on Jupiter's moons, Jupiter itself will be brought into optimal focus. Another helpful hint - focus your binoculars while viewing darker areas of the lunar surface. This will enable sharp focus when viewing the Moon's craters.

Case and Protective Covers Included

This Zhumell 20x80 binocular package includes everything necessary to maintain peak performance while protecting them both in the field and in transit. These binoculars fit neatly into the included lightweight hard-sided case. Additionally, this package comes with an eyepiece cover and two objective lens covers.

Zhumell 20x80 Giant Astronomy Binoculars Highlights

  • Enormous field of view with ultra sharp edge to edge clarity.
  • BaK4 prisms enable excellent light transmission.
  • Optics are fully multi-coated.
  • Ultra-smooth center focus operation allows you to easily pinpoint your target.
  • Modifiable right diopter allows users to calibrate their viewing.