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Celestron CG5 Advanced Series Computerized Equatorial Mount - 91518
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Celestron CG5 Advanced Series Computerized Equatorial Mount

We purchased Celestron's entire remaining inventory of the famous CG5 Computerized EQ Mount so we could offer them to you at an great price. Get them while you can, once they're gone, they're gone!

The Celestron CG5 Mount is a full scale computerized German Equatorial Mount. The Celestron CG5 German Equatorial Mount has been a solid Go-To Mount for years. Celestron CG5 Go To Advanced Series Mount offers a 35 lb weight capacity.

Celestron CG5 Advanced Series Computerized Equatorial Mount Specifications:

  • Heavy Duty (CG-5GT) computerized German Equatorial mount (the same as supplied with Advanced Series GT telescopes)

  • Ultra sturdy 2" diameter steel tripod with accessory tray

  • Proven NexStar computer control technology

  • 40,000 object database with over 100 user-definable objects and expanded information on over 200 objects

  • Custom database lists of all the most famous deep-sky objects by name and catalog number; the most beautiful double, triple and quadruple stars; variable star; solar system objects and asterisms

  • DC Servo motors with encoders on both axes

  • Flash upgradeable hand control software and motor control units for downloading product updates over the Internet

  • Autoguider port for long exposure astrophotography

  • Double line, 16-character Liquid Crystal Display Hand Control with backlit LED buttons for easy operation of goto features

  • Compatible with optional NexRemote telescope control software, for advanced control of your telescope via computer

  • RS-232 communication port on hand control to control the telescope via a personal computer

  • GPS-compatible with optional SkySync GPS Accessory

The Celestron CG5 has a weight capacity of up to 35 lb and has a slewing speed of 4° per second. The Celestron CG5 Advanced Computerized Telescope Mount has an very sturdy steel tripod that features 2" diameter legs. This tripod does a great job of dampening any vibrations which makes the Celestron CG5 Mount a great light mount for astro photography. The Celestron CG5 Mount comes with Celestron's latest software package that is equipped with over 40,000 objects in it's database. This Celestron mount features percision worm gears on both axes for smooth movement and stable viewing. Overall, the Celestron CG5 Mount delivers an amazingly accurate location of virtually any object, and tracks with ultimate percision, so you can take stunning images of the night sky! The Celestron CG5 Advanced Series Computerized Equatorial Mount comes with a full 2 year (Celestron) warranty.

CG5 GT Review by Alexandre

The CG5-GT carries up to 35 lbs. of equipment. The next step mount will cost almost twice. You can use a 200mm newtonian for astrophotography or a 250mm for observations with no wind. You will need one more counterweight for the 200mm or two more for the 250mm. The latitude range is 30 to 60. If you remove the front latitude screw, you will have no problems to get to 21-22 (my case). It could be used with newtonians or with extended tripod legs use it with cassegrais or refractors. The Go To system is precise e very useful both to astrophotography or observations. It has an ST4 port to autoguide systems. The polar scope (optional) is very very useful to northern hemisphere and (in my case) still yet useful to southern hemisphere.

(Posted on 2/10/14)

CG5 Advanced Series Go-To GEM Review by Geoff

I finally decided to take the Go-To plunge when this mount showed up at this price. I also got the polar alignment scope and the GPS module, but more on this in a minute. The mount is very sturdy and does a great job holding my Celestar-8 OTA. It is much more solid than the fork mount I've been using until now. The go-to is very accurate once you do a 2-star alignment and add a calibration star or 2. Objects are routinely placed in the middle of the field at 200X. From my urban location this is a real plus, since I can't see half the stuff I'm looking for in the finder. Tracking is excellent, and I routinely use this mount now for my lunar and planetary imaging. I'm looking forward to some deep-sky imaging over summer vacation. The one complaint I have is that there's no internal clock in the hand controller. I bought the GPS module to update the clock and observing site info, but it draws quite a bit of current and causes the controller to lose contact with the mount's electronics. I sent it back to High Point and got a full refund (good customer service, folks!!). My short-term solution is to keep a handheld GPS with me in my accessory kit. Yes, it takes a few extra minutes to set up the controller each time it powers up,but otherwise its performance is very dependable. I would highly recommend this product at this price. It is bringing the fun back into stargazing under the streetlights!

(Posted on 2/10/14)

Great mount and Great retailer. Review by Ben

Bought this mount as a step up from my wedge mounted 8se. I love it. Also Highpoint has been the best at customer support. Think I've found my goto store now!

(Posted on 2/10/14)

CG5 ASGT Review by Cara

High Points price with free shipping to boot on this product cant be beat. The mount was just what I was looking for and with its light weight will get more use than my CGEM DX. For that I would give it a 10 but I will give a decent review for people thinking about buying this. I've only had it out two nights but the goto's were great and the hand controller is intuitive and very easy to use. I do own a CGEM DX so this would help a little but they are not identical controllers. I absolutely love this mount but it does have some issues that I will get remedied soon. First off, the power wire does not screw in like the CGEM and came loose from a very slight bump when placing the hand controller back on its perch and I had to do my alignment all over again. I am told with a jewelers screwdriver you can spread the center contact a little to give it a more positive connection so I will try that. Second thing that is almost useless are the azimuth knobs. They are too short and small to be of much use and I'm heading to town later today to search for a replacement for those. Third thing I didn’t like was the Vixen saddle. It would only hold one of my 4 telescopes and it scuffed the dovetail up badly with its first (and only) mounting. The ADM dual saddle arrived the next day and I would recommend this upgrade for anyone that either has or is thinking of buy a CG5. It has cheap looking plastic around the saddle but I guess it is fine and I was just expecting a smaller version of the CGEM which this is not. For the money however, I don’t think this mount can be beat. At 35 lbs rated payload capacity it is almost as high as the base model CGEM's 40lb rating. I'm looking forward to getting it out some more after the clouds of hurricane Isaac pass and expect that this will be my mount of choice on most clear nights. Thanks High Point for the fast shipping and quality service.

(Posted on 2/10/14)

CGEM Review by Don

Good entry level mount for planetary imaging and general observing from the backyard. I am an astrophotographer and routinely take this mount into the field and have had to do EXTENSIVE tweaking to make it at all suitable for deep sky photography. There are a number of issues with this mount that will ruin a good night of photography. The power cord will eventually come loose and reset the mount with even the slightest bump. I have had to wrap tape around the ac jack where it connects to the scope. This has been an ongoing problem since I bought the mount. I've called celestron for support but the recommendations do not fix the issue. There is an incredible amount of slop in the tracking gears which cause significant star streaks even with a drift alignment at exposures over three minutes without an auto guider. Don't get me wrong... for light planetary work and backyard astronomy, this mount is a winner. Its light, cheap, easy to use and fun for a beginner who wants to have a good, mount for a mid sized scope. I however would not recommend it for deepsky astrophotography without an autoguider and a thorough drift alignment. My overall opinion is that is a great beginner mount, however do yourselves a favor and spend a few extra bucks for one of celestrons heavier mounts if you have aspirations of imaging the heavens

(Posted on 2/10/14)

iEQ30 hard case Review by Ray

for my latitude I had to carefuly cut some of the foam but it fit like a glove now. Thanks HighPoint, Fast shipping too.

(Posted on 2/10/14)

CG-5 Review by Ron

Mount arrived in good shape and I am pleased with my purchase. Highpoint is a pleasure to deal with and they have a sense of humor Great Company

(Posted on 2/10/14)

CG5 ASGT Review by R.

I could not be more happy with my new mount and with the service from High Point Scientific. I did a lot of research before choosing this mount and once I saw that High Point had the lowest price, plus free shipping, it was really a no-brainer. Live chat with High Point was also very courteous and very professional. Shipment was fast and the mount is up and running.

(Posted on 2/10/14)

Celestron CG-5 order Review by Geoff

The mount arrived in good condition and working order a few days after the order was placed. Just after I placed the order I noticed I had a discount coupon from an earlier order, so I emailed customer service to see if I could still get it applied. Dave was very prompt in replying, very helpful and added the discount after the fact. The mount works very well, carrying my old C-8 OTA very solidly. The go-to works very nicely for my urban sky location. Once aligned and calibrated it puts stars pretty squarely in the field of a 15mm eyepiece. For the price this mount is a pretty good deal!

(Posted on 2/10/14)

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