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Celestron Advanced VX Equatorial Mount

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The Portable and Versatile Celestron Advanced VX (AVX) German Equatorial Mount with Tripod

The Celestron Advanced VX mount is an ideal tool for budding (or seasoned) astrophotographers. An especially easy upgrade for NexStar and SLT users, this German equatorial mount is small enough for decent portability, yet rugged enough to support payloads of up to 30 pounds! This mount is also an excellent choice for those wishing to upgrade to a dedicated equatorial mount from a SkyTracker, NexStar 8SE/6SE, or SLTs. Check out our overview of the Advanced VX mount in the video below.

The technical features of the AVX mount are perfect for astrophotography, including permanently programmable periodic error correction (PPEC), integer gear ratios, built-in adjustable backlash compensation, and autoguider support. This mount also supports imaging across the meridian without the need of a meridian flip, and an extended operational latitude range from 7° to 77°! Ports for the hand controller, an autoguider (sold separately), and two AUX ports allow for expandability and power for optional accessories.

When paired with the included NexStar+ hand controller, the computerized GoTo capabilities of the Advanced VX mount can locate and track any of the 40,000 objects in the NexStar+ database. Built into the hand controller is Celestron's All-Star Polar Alignment program to align the telescope to the north celestial pole without the need of a polar scope. Setup and alignment typically takes under 30 minutes.

A Solid Medium-Payload Workhorse Mount

Celestron's Advanced VX German equatorial mount comes with a dual-saddle plate that can accommodate either Celestron CG-5 (narrow) or CGE dovetail bars. Switching between the two saddle plates is as simple as moving the hand knobs into a separate set of holes. This means you can use the Advanced VX mount with virtually any optical tube up to 30 pounds (although remember to factor in any additional weight from cameras, guide scopes, or other accessories you plan to use in your setup). This saddle is also compatible with Vixen-style dovetails 100 mm or longer. This mount is not compatible with Losmandy D-style plates.

The AVX mount also comes with an extendable tripod with 2" diameter stainless steel legs, a tripod spreader/accessory tray, a 12 pound counterweight with shaft, and a DC power cable/cigarette lighter adapter.

30 Pound Payload and Other Strong Specs
The Celestron Advanced VX mount boasts a payload of 30 pounds--more than enough to carry small and medium aperture telescopes and camera setups. Other great specifications include Permanently Programmable Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) and adjustable backlash compensation. This all combines for excellent tracking of objects in the night sky. In addition, the mount comes with hand controller and autoguider ports, as well as two additional AUX ports for further expandability. The hand controller houses a USB port for connection to, and control from, a PC.

Celestron NexStar+ Hand Controller
This NexStar+ hand controller is designed for use with your Celestron AVX mount. With it, you can polar align your mount, customize the max slew speed, program slew limits, access Celestron's 40,000-object database, and more. This allows for automatic slewing to objects as well as a "Tour Mode" which guides you through some of the most popular objects in the sky based on your time, date, and location. The NexStar+ controller features a dual-line, 16-character LCD screen with adjustable backlighting and supports upgradeable firmware to keep your controller up-to-date. In addition, this controller has a mini-USB port for connection to a PC for computer control. Please note: Celestron does not include a USB cable with their hand controller. We recommend the Apertura USB 2.0 Cable for Celestron NexStar+ Hand Controllers.

Professional Quality Software
The Celestron Advanced VX mount includes access to CPWI telescope control software, some of the most powerful software outside of observatories. A collaboration between Celestron and PlaneWave Instruments, the CPWI software unlocks access to the online SIMBAD astronomical database of over 10 million celestial objects! The software provides a graphical, planetarium interface with support for ASCOM drivers. In addition, your purchase of the Celestron AVX mount includes a free download of Starry Night Special Edition software.

Numerous Ports and a Solid Power Connection
Fixed with a total of three aux ports, one of which is designated for the hand controller, add user supplied accessories such as the SkyPortal WiFi Module, StarSense AutoAlign, and plenty more! The NexStar+ hand controller includes a USB 2.0 port for connection to your computer and allows the ability of control through a wide variety of software platforms. Also, attach your guide camera directly to this AVX with the onboard autoguider port! To keep your power cable secured in its place all night long, this Celestron equatorial mount features a threaded power port.

Various Polar Alignment Methods
When it comes to polar aligning your Celestron Advanced VX, there are a couple of options to consider. The included NexStar+ hand controller comes standard with the All Star Polar Alignment routine, an innovation from Celestron that allows polar alignment even with obstructed views to the celestial poles. Utilizing your finderscope, this process only requires a clear view of several bright stars, and locks in your alignment for accurate tracking and GoTo slews. This AVX is not equipped with an internal polar scope, though does have the option to add one, such as the Celestron Polar Scope (not included). Another option is connecting your AVX to your computer through the NexStar+ hand controller’s USB 2.0 port with a user supplied USB cable, and utilizing your favorite ASCOM supported software.

Tripod and Included Accessories
Included with the Celestron Advanced VX mount head is an extendable tripod. This tripod is capable of expanding from 44"-64" and features 2" diameter stainless steel legs. Also included is an accessory tray that keeps the tripod legs spread and has storage for eyepieces and other accessories. A 12 pound counterweight and a DC power cable (cigarette lighter adapter) round out the included accessories.

Optimized for Portability or Backyard Observing
Numerous features make the Celestron AVX the perfect option for those wanting a robust, portable mount or an at-home backyard set up. The 30lb payload capacity carries most of the popular travel telescopes with ease, and as the most compact of the Celestron German EQ mounts, it can effortlessly be taken place to place. While small enough to travel with, this AVX is burly enough for more stationary set ups with heavier, bulkier OTAs as well. The Celestron AVX lets you enjoy the conveniences of portability while still offering impressive performance and rigidity comparable to observatory level mounts. With qualities like these, the Celestron Advanced VX earns our High Point Scientific Astrophotography Classification Badges of Portable Grab & Go and Backyard Observing!

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