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Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Bundle


Accessory Bundle for Celestron PowerSeeker Telescopes

Congratulations on taking your first steps into the exciting world of amateur astronomy! Now that you own a Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope, there are a few extra accessories you should consider that will make your experience under the stars even better. In the Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Bundle, you will find an extra eyepiece, a Moon filter, and a motor drive and controller for your equatorially mounted telescope. With these extra accessories, you will add two more magnification choices to your set-up, and have the ability to look at bright objects like the Moon without suffering from snow blindness. You will also be able to enjoy the functionality of a mount that automatically tracks the stars as they move from east to west across the sky!

Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Bundle Eyepiece

An eyepiece/telescope combination is similar to a lens and camera. If you own a camera with interchangeable lenses, you’ll most likely want several lenses so that they can bring the subject closer or have the ability to take a picture of a large object by keeping the power low. Eyepieces perform the same function for a telescope. Most amateur astronomers like to have at least three to five different magnification choices. When you look through your Celestron PowerSeeker telescope, a low power, wide angle eyepiece lets you see large objects in their entirety. A medium power eyepiece will give you more magnification but still let you see a large area of sky, and a couple of high power eyepieces bring objects as close as possible while still allowing the telescope to achieve focus.

The Apertura 15 mm Plossl eyepiece is included in the Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Bundle. This full-sized 1.25” eyepiece has a 52º field of view and is made with fully multi-coated optics that give you nice high contrast views. When used with the PowerSeeker 3X Barlow, the 15 mm Plossl eyepiece will perform like a 5 mm, giving you magnifications that are 3X closer than the 15 mm alone. That’s two extra magnifications for the price of one!

Celestron PowerSeeker Accessory Bundle Moon Filter

A Moon filter might seem unnecessary at first, but stumbling around in the dark after being blinded by the light of the Moon, concentrated to a death ray-like beam by your telescope, will quickly change your mind! When you screw this Moon Filter onto the barrel of any of your 1.25” eyepieces and train it on the Moon, you will be able to see more detail in all of the craters, mountains, and maria, or plains. Using a filter on the Moon is similar to putting a pair of sunglasses on when you are skiing or snowboarding. Without sunglasses, all that white snow and subsequent glare causes your pupils to retract, and instead of seeing more, you see less. With the glasses, your eyes relax, you stop squinting, and you see details you’d miss otherwise.

The moon filter that comes with the Celestron Power Seeker Accessory Bundle threads on to any standard 1.25” eyepiece. It works very well when using your telescope during the day (especially when pointing near or over anything that reflects a lot of light, like water), but this neutral density filter also does a good job of lowering the intensity of super bright planets like Venus.

Motor Drive for PowerSeeker Equatorial Telescopes

Add this simple motor drive to your Celestron PowerSeeker equatorial mount and enjoy letting your telescope track the stars automatically as they move from east to west. When the Power Seeker mount is properly aligned and the motor is connected to the RA axis, you will only be required to make occasional manual adjustments in declination (north/south movements) to keep an object in the eyepiece for long periods of time.

The Celestron single-axis motor drive runs on a 9V battery, so there are no cords to get in the way. The motor drive can be used in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. To change hemispheres (reverse the motor’s direction), simply flip the North/South (N/S) switch on the face of the motor drive. It is also simple to change the speed of the motor. A knob is located just under the power indicator and can be turned in either direction to slow down or speed up the motor. Since the Sun, Moon, planets, and deep-space objects move through the sky at different speeds, this gives you the ability to match the motor’s speed to the particular type of object you are observing.

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