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Astronomik UHC Canon EOS XT Clip Filter - Extra Thin - UHC-EOS-XT

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Astronomik UHC Canon EOS XT Clip Filter

  • This Astronomik XT EOS APS-C UHC Clip Filter is a great visual filter designed for broadband deep sky observing
  • Take full advantage of Astronomik clip filters even when taking extremely wide-angle shots for beautiful star images to the edge of the field with this Astronomik XT EOS APS-C clip filter
  • Mounted on a carrier substrate measuring only 0.3 mm in thickness
  • Designed with attention to the highest technical standards to ensure the optical efficiency you desire for viewing deep sky objects
  • Permits nearly 100% of H-Beta and O-III emissions to pass, allowing more gas and planetary nebulae detail to be seen
  • The Astronomik UHC filter has multi-layer coatings to protect it from scratching, aging, and humidity effects
  • Made in Germany, a country known for producing optics of supreme quality!

More About Astronomik UHC Filters

This Astronomik UHC Filter is made to be used for visual deep sky observation. With this filter, almost 100% of H-beta and OIII emission lines pass through. And a second bandpass ensures that the H-alpha line also reaches your eye. Meanwhile, undesired light from other wavelengths is obstructed. Gas and planetary nebulae are visible with a surprising abundance of detail due to the strong sky background reduction. The high transmission of this filter enables it to provide enough light to successfully view deep sky objects with smaller instruments.

Optimized for use with telescopes that have focal ratios of f/4 to f/15. Unlike other filters on the market, loss of transmission and color displacement only occurs with this filter when extremely fast focal ratios of f/3 or less are involved. Compared to UHC filters sold by other manufacturers, the Astronomik UHC filter shows you more stars along with more nebula detail, and because of the high quality of the glass, you will be able to see stars as small pinpoints. Astronomik's UHC filters work with 2" aperture telescopes and above, though work best with telescopes that have 5" apertures and above.

The coatings on the Astronomik UHC Filter are completely closed off, making them immune to the influences of moisture. These filters keep their transmission characteristics indefinitely. Scratching these coatings by mistake would be impossible due to their hardness. You would have to purposefully rub them with sandpaper to obtain even the tiniest of scratches! All Astronomik filters come with a durable plastic storage case of superior quality.

Astronomik XT Clip Filter System

Constructed using black anodized aluminum, this proprietary Clip-Filter system from Astronomik is produced on the most advanced, state-of-the-art machinery. Astronomik Clip Filters have long been a well-received accessory among astrophotographers. With these Astronomik XT clip filters, capturing extremely wide-angle images is now possible without compromising image quality at the corners. This is due to an ultra-thin carrier substrate of only 0.3 mm. Astronomik XT filters contain the same multi-layer coating technology as all other Astronomik filters, despite this ultra-thin glass. They offer full resistance to the effects of scratching, aging, and high humidity.