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Baader Planetarium 2" T2 Nose Piece - T2-16

SKU: BAD-T2-16

Baader 2" / T-2 Nose Piece

  • Baader Planetarium's Nose piece 2" / T-2 has an external T-2 thread.

  • The 2" T-2 Baader Nosepiece has both 48mm filter threads and nested internal T-2 thread enabling more uses within the system

  • Baader Planetarium's Nosepiece features full internal sharp V-threading and blackening.

Baader Planetarium's T-2 Nosepiece makes it possible for you to mount your T-2 accessories or Digital Camera into 2" focusers or accessories. The 2" Nosepiece has an external T-2 thread on one end for incorporating to T-2 system components. Providing a secure fit with minimum slop or decentering, the 2" T2 nosepiece is precisely machined and finished with accurate outside diameters.

In order to provide an extra measure of security, the Baader Nosepiece features a recessed groove preventing accidental slippage.The 2" Nosepiece also features a new removable stop ring which allows the nosepiece to slip fully inside 2" barrels for even lower profile or other creative uses.The 2" nosepiece has both 48 mm filter threads and a nested internal T-2 thread to enable even more uses with the system. The Baader 2" T2 Nosepiece incorporates full internal sharp V-threading and blackening which provides maximum contrast and while also rejecting stray light.