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Baader Classic Q Turret Set with Four 1.25 Orthoscopic Eyepieces & 2.25X Barlow - BCQ-SET

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Baader Classic Q 1.25" Orthoscopic Eyepiece Set

This is a value-packed Orthoscopic Eyepiece Set from Baader that includes:

  • 6 mm Classic Ortho Eyepiece

  • 10 mm Classic Ortho Eyepiece

  • 18 mm Classic Ortho Eyepiece

  • 32 mm Classic Ortho Eyepiece

  • 2.25x Baader Q Barlow

  • Q-Turret, Quad Eyepiece Revolver

  • Baader Astro Box #1, to store the components and eyepieces

The new Baader Orthoscopic Eyepieces deliver the same performance as the original Baader Orthoscopic Eyepiece and cost a lot less. Their sharpness and contrast rival other planetary eyepieces costing much more. To achieve this performance and value, Baader drew upon their extensive in-house knowledge and experience, combined with optical designs and processes leveraged from Zeiss.

Baader Classic Ortho 1.25" Eyepiece Features:

  • 1.25" Barrel

  • 3 popular focal lengths, for high to medium magnification applications

  • The design and manufacturing specs of the Baader Classic Ortho Eyepieces are based on the Zeiss Jena 0.965" Orthoscopics, one of the greatest Ortho eyepiece sets of all time!

  • All Baader Orthoscopic eyepieces are fully multi-coated with Baader's HT MultiCoatings that are specifically matched to each substrate

  • An integrated winged folding eye cup supplied with each eyepiece eliminates stray light and offers a more comfortable observing experience

  • The Baader Classic Ortho Eyepieces offer excellent ergonomics as the innovative recessed volcano top provides clearance for eyelashes and enables a comfortably located eyepoint

  • With a full 50° FOV, these Orthoscopic eyepieces make it easy to locate celestial objects

  • All optics edges are completely blackened for additional contrast

  • Accepts 1.25" filters

The Baader Classic Q-Eyepiece Set includes 6 mm, 10 mm, and 18 mm Classic Orthos which have rubber folding eyeshields, which provide eyelash clearance, because of an inset volcano-top shape. This unique design delivers comfort as well as providing a clearer view. The Q-turret is a nice addition which makes it easy to use various focal length eyepieces, even when inserted into a diagonal. The concave dished compact shape and forward field stop positions of these Baader Orthos makes this possible. The net result is a complete range of magnifications instantly available at your fingertips. Note that other manufacturer's eyepieces or other optical designs may not be parfocal.