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Microscopes & Microscope Accessories


Handheld microscopes are among the most compact and portable types of microscopes and we have them here at High Point. Depending on the microscope, you can either look through an eyepiece or connect the microscope to a computer or laptop to view your subject. Handheld microscopes also allow for versatility in observing because you’re able to move the microscope to view your subject from many different angles.

We also offer microscope kits that may include slides or test subjects to help you make the most of your microscope's capabilities. Just looking for slides? We have you covered. Konus offers many slide sets perfect for biology educators and enthusiasts alike. We also offer blank slides so you can create your own specimens.

A great option for students is the Konus College 600x Monocular Biological Microscope. It features a 15x wide field eyepiece and a three-position turret nose piece with achromatic objectives of 4x, 10x, and 40x, for a maximum magnification of 600x. It also comes with a free anti-dust cover to help protect your investment.

If you’re just getting into microscopes or are an educator, you can’t go wrong with the Celestron InfiniView LCD 5MP Microscope. Packed with features, it not only includes a full-color 3.5” TFT LCD screen but can also be connected to a TV, projector, or laptop and is able to capture stills and video for review later. The built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery provides the ultimate portability and it even comes with a free beginner’s microscope book.