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Bob's Knobs Secondary Collimation Knobs for Orion OD Newtonians & C6, C8, and C10- CNSEC35


Bob's Knobs 4-Vane Secondary Collimation Knobs
with 35mm Screw Length

Bob's Knobs 4-Vane Phillips Secondary Collimation Knobs fit a variety of mass produced Newtonian telescopes, including the Meade LightBridge, Astro-Tech Imaging Newtonians, and more. Also fits 6", 8" and 10" Celestron Newtonians with or without GoTo.Just make the screw length is correct for your telescope, because Bob's Knobs makes them in 25 mm, 30 mm, or 35 mm lengths. This product has a length of 35 mm, and will also work for some Newtonians that have a 4-Van Set Screw secondary. The knobs are made from a black plastic that is 13 mm (1/2") in diameter. The threads are stainless steel.