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Bob's Knobs Collimation Knobs for Skywatcher 190mm Mak-Newtonian Primary - MN190PRI


Bob's Knobs Skywatcher 190mm Mak Newtonian
Primary Collimation Knobs

Bob's Knobs Skywatcher Mak Newtonian 190 Collimation Knobs for the Primary. The Primary Collimation Knobs are made from a black plastic that is 16 mm (5/8") in diameter. The Primary Lock knobs are of the same diameter but are made of red plastic instead of black. The threads on both collimation and lock knobs are stainless steel.

  • Knobs with shorter screws and spacers replace the factory Phillips collimation screws. Knobs with longer screws replace the factory set-style (grub) locking screws.
  • Since the factory collimation and locking screws are close together, knobs must be staggered in height. The locking knobs protrude further than the collimation knobs, and they are now red in color.
  • Do not support the OTA using the locking knobs as feet. This will protect the locking knobs from damage