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Televue Nagler Eyepieces


There are currently three different types of Nagler ultra wide-field eyepieces. The Type-4 models feature 18 mm of eye relief and are considered the best design for those astronomers who either need to wear eyeglasses or have astigmatism, which can be corrected by utilizing their Dioptrx accessory. The Type-5 design permits the largest true field possible, and the Type-6 models are lighter and smaller with shorter focal lengths. The Type-6 models are also parfocal and feature comfortable eye relief at 12 mm. Each and every Televue Nagler eyepiece can be used with a high-quality Barlow lens or Powermate amplifier. For the best performance with short focus Newtonians, Tele Vue has you covered with their coma corrector accessory called the Paracorr.

Although these eyepieces are generally more expensive than other designs, they are an investment worth making, as they can stay with you regardless of which telescope you happen to own at the time. Each and every eyepiece is fully tested at the Tele Vue facility in New York. You can rest assured that there will be no surprises when taking your first look. In our opinion, the best optics are worth every penny, and Tele Vue's Nagler line absolutely represents the best eyepieces in their class.