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Celestron 12 lb. Counterweight for Advanced VX Mount - 94286

SKU: CEL-94286

Celestron 12 lb Counterweight For Advanced Series VX Mount

The Celestron Advanced VX Mount - 12 lb Counterweight offers greater stability in an application when heavier optical tubes are positioned on the mount. It was designed to match the style of the Celestron VX Mount, but will also fit on the counterweight shaft of the CG-5, CGEM, or CG-4 mounts.

  • Counterweight Model: 94286
  • Weight: 12 lb.
  • Shaft-Hole Size (Approx): 3/4", or 19mm
  • Compatible Mounts: Advanced VX, CG-5, CGEM, CG-4 (Omni)