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Celestron 5-amp AC Adapter for CGEM, CGEM II, CGX, CGX-L and AVX Mounts

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SKU: CEL-18780

Celestron 5 amp AC Adapter

The Celestron 18780 AC Adapter is a 5amp power supply for Celestron mounts that have AC power requirements over 2.5amp. Celestron recommends this particular AC Adapter on their CGEM, CGEM DX, CGE Pro, CGEM II, CGX, CGX-L and Advanced VX (AVX) mount. This AC Adapter is also recommended when imaging with the Celestron CPC Deluxe HD mount.

The barrel connector on the DC plug threads directly onto the mount’s power jack and prevents power-offs due to inadvertent cable pulls. It delivers up to 5 Amp @ 12 VDC, which gives you plenty of power to run Celestron's biggest mounts loaded with heavy equipment. In addition, the switching-type AC-to-DC power adapter provides more power with less weight than a transformer-style power adapter.