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Celestron Deluxe Folding Moon Map

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SKU: CEL-93704

Celestron Deluxe Folding Moon Map

Celestron has designed a map that is perfect for those looking to explore the many wonderful features of the moon! This map is full of useful information and detailed lunar observing tips. Double-sided, this map utilizes the space provided to inform observers about key lunar regions and provide lunar topography by renowned lunar cartographer, Ralph Aeschliman.

The map measures 24" x 24" when unfolded for easy display and reading. It then folds into an easily transported 8" x 4" and can tuck into the included case.

Made out of 4.2 mil HopSyn synthetic material, the map is waterproof and tear resistant. So, you can be rest assured that taking the map to your favorite viewing spot, even if the conditions are less than perfect, your map will be a sturdy observing companion.

Whether you are looking to explore Lacus, Maria, Montes, or Valles, this Moon map has you covered! You can also find images of the North and South polar regions. The map even includes practical information about using your telescope or binoculars. You can also use the map as a stylish poster on the wall of an astronomy club or classroom.