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Celestron Origin Smart Telescope

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Celestron Origin Smart Telescope

Culminating decades of experience into the future of intelligent home observatories

"Smart Telescope" is a buzz phrase which attempts to encapsulate the complicated world of imaging the night sky. For those content with complete automation in a simple package, this phrase and these offerings are enough. Celestron wants you to dare for more... Introducing the Origin from Celestron: The Intelligent Home Observatory. When we get right down to it, an intelligent home observatory is exactly what Origin embodies. It takes a step beyond automation and captures the heart of traditional astrophotography while utilizing smart telescope technology. With decades of experience, Celestron knows what it takes to develop a high-quality astrophoto, and their team of engineers have paired trusted Celestron products with advanced innovations to bring you an astrophotography experience that leaves other smart telescopes in the dust.

Starting with a patented Rowe Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) optical design integrated into a custom made 6” optical tube (OTA) specifically for Origin, the light gathering capabilities are unmatched when compared to optics within other smart telescopes. The handpicked Sony STARVIS sensor features small pixels and sensor size that pairs perfectly with this f/2.2 astrograph, maximizing the clarity, contrast, and resolution within the frames captured. Leveraging a design based on the tried-and-true NexStar Evolution, you can enjoy smooth tracking and wireless control through its integrated Wi-Fi. A built-in computer utilizes tailor-made software that houses the Celestron StarSense AutoAlign technology, allowing for quick and accurate go-to in under 2 minutes. Understanding that image processing is half the battle in astrophotography, Celestron utilizes AI image editing to bring out hidden details. In the world of smart telescopes, the Celestron Origin is not just another smart telescope, it’s your personal home observatory.

Reveal the Stunning Beauty of the Universe with Lighting Fast Optics - Only Available from Celestron

If you want quality images, you need quality optics. With Origin, Celestron wasn’t content to just tick this box - they needed to “go big”. With their RASA optical system and custom-made optical tube, Origin certainly sets itself apart. Patented by Celestron, the Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph (RASA) was purpose built for astrophotography and speed. It is hard to overstate just how fast this optical design is; as a point of reference this system is just under 2 “stops” faster than other f/4 smart telescopes on the market, where 1 stop is equivalent to a doubling of the light captured in an image. In fact, the RASA design is so fast that these systems require specially designed filters to keep up with its speed. With these quick 6” f/2.2 optics, Origin can capture significantly brighter images than the competition can in the same amount of time. The faster your optics go, the more crucial it is to nail your focus, something Celestron has made easy with the autofocus feature on Origin. More conventional telescopes can accomplish a similar feat with external accessories and software, but Origin continues to push the envelope by building all of this inside the optical tube and Origin’s software. Say goodbye to focus knobs and Bahtinov masks! The Celestron Origin has several main features to ensure the clarity of its optics. An integrated dew heater ring prevents condensation from forming on the RASA corrector plate, by heating it just above the dew point. This is done automatically by using an integrated thermistor and environmental sensor. A cooling fan ensures thermal equilibrium inside the optical tube. To top it off the RASA has a dew shield integrated up front to minimize stray light, improving contrast and additionally providing passive dew prevention.

Thoughtfully Paired Imaging System with Onboard Computer and Accessory Compatibility

A high quality telescope requires a just as impressive system in place to maximize the light gathering capabilities of the optics. Incorporating the ingenuity from Sony, the industry leader in camera sensor manufacturing, Celestron has integrated the IMX178MC sensor to collect the photons captured by the Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph. This 6.3MP back illuminated sensor offers exceptional sensitivity and has a small pixel size of 2.4um that pairs perfectly with the custom designed 6” RASA . In typical backyard seeing conditions, this marriage of 335mm of focal length and 2.4um pixel size provides beautifully sampled images with a calculated resolution of 1-2” arcseconds per pixel. All this is to say, is that this ideal resolution means the images produced will be sharp, crisp, and highly detailed!

When it comes to optimizing the captured signal, the Origin doesn’t stop here. An onboard Raspberry Pi 4 Model B stacks and preprocesses the frames for you in real-time and is fitted with AI algorithms from a leading AI firm to boost color value and clarity. A separation between the Raspberry Pi and the optics, along with a passive cooling fan, prevents any excess heat generated by the computer to interfere with image quality. Understanding that accessories and the ability of upgrading are a huge part of astrophotography, Celestron has integrated a 1.25” and 2” filter drawer for use with an optional Celestron Origin Nebula Filter. You can also add your own filters as well! In addition, having a user accessible camera, the Celestron Origin is ready to take advantage of future sensor technologies as compared to other smart telescopes.

Smart Device-Dedicated Astronomy Elevated to New Heights with the Easy-to-Use and Intuitive Celestron Origin App

If the optics are the heart of a smart telescope and the computer is the brain, then the app is the voice that not only controls but dictates the celestial discoveries that are viewed by astronomers. Developed in partnership with Simulation Curriculum, known for world renowned Sky-Atlas software, the Celestron Origin app takes user experience to the next level.

The Celestron Origin app, compatible with iOS and Android devices, simplifies smart telescope control by providing the easiest platform across all smart telescopes that is intuitive for those new to the hobby yet powerful enough to satisfy veterans in astrophotography. Included is a planetarium interface, live view option, compass mode and even a “tonight’s best” list of objects for those unsure of what to view. Yet again, Celestron has thought of everything.

Taking less than 2 minutes to align thanks to the integrated StarSense technology, simply select your desired object and switch to Live Image View mode. Within a matter of seconds, you will see your favorite object begin to appear. Even in this initial few exposures the details you’ll be able to see will be significantly better than what is visible through larger traditional telescopes under darker skies, and can adjust the composition as desired with the handy re-centering tool. Now sit back, and enjoy as each subsequent exposure will allow you to see, in real time, the live stacking progression made possible by artificial intelligence algorithms from a cutting-edge AI firm in the United States.

To share your journey through the night sky, Origin allows multiple users to connect to the app simultaneously. For an even more immersive experience, Origin supports mobile device screencasting technology to bring the universe to the big screen. Expanding this concept even more is the integrated share button, providing an easy means of posting it to your social media accounts!

Precise, Portable, & Multifaceted - Check Out These Additional Features of the Celestron Origin Smart Telescope!

There’s even more to Origin! Excellent optics, innovative imaging and processing technology, and an easy-to-use app are all supported by the reliable included mount and budding ecosystem of optional accessories. The Celestron Origin isn’t just an intelligent observatory for the home either, with portability and easy setup features integrated throughout!

NexStar Evolution Fork Arm Mount
The incredible optics and innovative electronics of Origin rest on the shoulders of a rock-solid, tried-and-true mount. Based on the higher-end Alt-Az mount from Celestron, the NexStar Evolution, the Origin mount features brass worm gears on both axes for confident and precise motion. The manual clutches and convenient carry handles make setup and take down a breeze, and the sturdy, adjustable, tripod ensures you have a level and steady platform for Origin. To power it all, Celestron has packed a lithium battery into the mount that will drive the Origin system all night. Based on lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry this battery is designed for longevity, as it does not require the same constant recharges to help it “keep” when not in use.

Powerful & Portable
The increased stability of the Celestron Origin Home Observatory does not mean Celestron has sacrificed portability. The portability of your smart telescope can enhance your viewing and imaging experience, as some celestial objects are only visible in certain locations. Celestron has made sure that you are able to transport your entire Origin Intelligent Home Observatory with no hassle! Your Celestron smart telescope gear can be broken down into three separate components: the OTA, the mount head, and the tripod. None of the three components weighs over 17 lbs, and they fit easily into the trunk of most vehicles.

Plethora of Optional Accessories
Celestron has ensured that the Origin Smart Telescope performance is unparalleled right out of the box. However, there are several accessories that can supplement your Origin experience, and some that will increase the capabilities of your smart telescope. As mentioned above, Celestron has designed a 1.25” Nebula Filter to increase the nebulosity seen through your Origin scope. Also designed specifically with the Celestron Origin in mind is a handy Carrying Bag that is made to snugly fit your 6” RASA OTA as well as aesthetically match your equipment’s logo. Want to increase the amount of time you can use your Origin telescope without needing to charge the lithium iron phosphate battery in the mount? We recommend the Apertura Portable 155Wh Lithium Power Supply so you can expand your imaging time between charges!

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