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Celestron Piggyback Mount - Fits Celestron SCT, EdgeHD & RASA - 93609

SKU: CEL-93609

Celestron Piggyback Mount - for Celestron SCT, EdgeHD, and RASA Telescopes

The Celestron Piggyback Mount is a great accessory for all observers interested in deep-sky astrophotography. This piggyback adapter allows you to attach your DSLR or old SLR camera, with its lens, to the top of the telescope, so that you can use your mount's drive to take wide field images of the night sky. Its unique design also allows NexStar telescope users (5", 6", & 8") to mount the included StarPointer red dot finder on top of the Celestron Piggyback Mount, so that you can accurately navigate your telescope and conduct astrophotography at the same time.

The Piggyback Mount adapter attaches with two machine screws (included) to the rear of 5", 6", or 8" NexStar models, but it also includes an adapter to mount the 93609 to other Celestron SCT, EdgeHD, and RASA telescopes, including 11" and 14" models.