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Orion SkyView Pro 8" GoTo Reflector Telescope - 24731

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SKU: ORI-24731

Orion 8" SkyView Pro GoTo Equatorial Reflector

  • This Orion 8" Newtonian reflector and SkyView Pro computerized GoTo equatorial mount system pinpoints any target selected from a database of more than 42,000 celestial objects.
  • Optimally equipped for deep sky viewing, this 1000 mm focal length (f/4.9) reflector telescope with 2" Crayford focuser boasts a large 8" aperture parabolic mirror.
  • Let this GoTo system be your night sky tour guide or present each month's finest celestial sights.
  • Durable SkyView Pro equatorial mount and tripod with stainless steel legs provides superb stability and smooth control.
  • An 8x40 finderscope, 25 mm and 10 mm 1.25" Sirius Plossl eyepieces, optical tube rings, and Starry Night software, are among the accessories included in this package.

Now the Orion 8" SkyView Pro Reflector, a popular classic, is easier to operate than ever before. With its computerized GoTo system, all you have to do is push a few buttons maximum and the entire apparatus will swing into action, automatically moving to any of the 42,000+ celestial objects in its database. The SkyView Pro 8 slews straight to your target object at a rate of up to 3.4º per second via dual internal stepper motors, centering it directly in your eyepiece's view field. By using the hand controller's intuitive menus, you'll gain access to more awe-inspiring celestial sights than you ever could have imagined. Furthermore, this GoTo system even has the ability to take you on a guided tour of the night sky or show you the finest celestial sights of the month! With a simple initial two-star or three-star alignment, you'll be ready to start observing.

Long admired for its exceptional optics and sturdy mount, the Orion SkyView Pro 8 Newtonian Reflector boasts a parabolic primary mirror measuring 8" (203 mm) in diameter for a massive 73% greater light collection ability compared to a 6" diameter instrument for more brilliant, higher resolution images. With this telescope, you can explore far beyond the Messier catalog. And as for the Moon and planets, this telescope's 1000 mm focal length (f/4.9) enables the capacity to resolve fine detail at high power.

Other features include an upgraded 2" Crayford focuser with a 1.25" adapter and focus lock knob, an 8x40 finder scope, and two Sirius Plössl telescope eyepieces (25 mm and 10 mm). It even has a center mark on the primary mirror for easy collimation! The stalwart SkyView Pro equatorial mount and steel tube tripod provide a stable platform that's so smooth you'll think the telescope is floating on air.

The GoTo system consists of a computerized hand controller and two stepper motors that attach to the SkyView Pro telescope mount. With intuitive menus and easy-to-use pushbutton controls, the GoTo system allows you to locate and track any computerized object in its database including the entire Messier and NGC catalogs. This system requires an external 12-volt power source for operation.

For owners of the SkyView Pro Equatorial GoTo Mount whose version of the GoTo hand controller is 3.0 or greater, the GoTo hand controller's firmware can be updated over the internet.