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Losmandy 11" V Series Universal Dovetail Plate - VUP11


Losmandy 11" V Series Universal Dovetail Plate

Losmandy quality for telescopes with a Vixen-style dovetail, including Tele Vue, Meade, Takahashi, Questar, Parks, and of course Vixen refractors. The Losmandy VUP11 dovetail is 11.0" long, 1.7" wide, and weighs 1 lb.

The Losmandy V-Series consists of dovetail plates and other accessories that have the same dimensions as a Vixen-type dovetail, which is standard in the industry, for the most part. Losmandy V-Series can be mounted to many Celestron, Orion, Vixen, and Meade systems, and it all starts with the dovetail plate. The V-Series Dovetail plates can be mounted to the top and/or bottom of your tube assembly, which will in turn accept all V series accessories, making it possible to use both sides of the tube for equipment. The V-series dovetail plates, like all accessories in the Losmandy line, are machined for lightness and rigidity from aluminum stock, then black anodized for a tough, corrosion-free surface.