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Lunt LS50FHa H-Alpha Solar Filter

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Lunt LS50FHa 50 mm H-Alpha Solar Filter Highlights

  • Front-mounted 50 mm Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filter without interference suitable for Lunt ED Telescopes or Double Stacking an already existent Lunt Solar System!
  • Includes adapter for connecting the Lunt LS50FHa to the Lunt ED. The LS50FHa can also be used to achieve an ~<0.5A band pass by double stacking on an available 50 mm Lunt filter.
  • 50 mm H-Alpha Solar Filter only. Blocking filter is not included.

DSII Requirements:

When stacking a LS50FHa on another LS50FHa, no adapter is necessary.

Lunt LS50FHa 50 mm H-Alpha Solar Filter

Lunt Solar recommends that customers pair their Lunt filters with Lunt products to ensure the entire system is sound and performs well.

This Lunt Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Filter features 50 mm aperture with no central obstruction and is an integrally tuned etalon optimally equipped for use with Lunt ED Refractors.

For safety purposes, front-mounted Lunt solar filters absolutely MUST be used in tandem with a matching Lunt Blocking Filter. Select the blocking filter that best fits your system's requirements. For imaging, a large blocking filter is suggested due to the camera in-focus need.

  • B600 – Visual Use – Typical to the LS/ED80
  • B1200 – Imaging and Visual Use – Typical to the LS/ED80
  • B1200 – Visual Use – Typical to the LS/ED102
  • B1800 – Imaging and Visual Use -Typical to the LS/ED102

This LS50FHa Hydrogen-Alpha Filter retrofits to Lunt ED Refractors for use in the daytime, and easily detaches to allow the Lunt ED to be used for night sky viewing.

Due to its approximate bandpass of <0.70 Angstrom, the LS50FHa is able to deliver high contrast views of surface as well as edge detail. Adding an extra etalon system (double-stacking) will lower the bandpass to ~<0.50, enabling higher resolution for imaging, viewing, or both. The LS50FHa is intended for this function, or for users who already have a Lunt blocking filter available.

Lunt LS50FHa H-Alpha Solar Filter Specifications (Single Filter)

  • Aperture: 50 mm
  • Etalon: Internal <0.70 Angstrom
  • Tilt Tuning
  • Focal Length: ED80 (f/7) ED102 (f/7)
  • Filter Storage: Aluminum hard case with fitted foam
  • Weight: 2 lbs.