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Meade Giant Field Tripod for 12" & 14" LX Series Telescopes - 07017

SKU: MEA-07017
$649.00 $519.20
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Meade LX Series Accessory Giant Field Tripod

This Meade LX Series Giant Field Tripod is the fully-adjustable tripod as found on the 12" and 14" LX200 GPS Telescopes. You can use this Tripod with your Meade scope/mount, or any other mount you have, with the proper attachment hardware.

The Meade LX Giant Field Tripod gives your larger Meade a research-grade foundation you want for the most demanding applications such as extremely high power observing and astrophotograpy or CCD imaging. Tripod height is adjustable from 34" to 54", allowing comfortable standing or seated observations. Features: super strong and exceptionally rigid large diameter chrome-steel legs for excellent vibration damping. Telescope may be mounted in altitude-azimuth (vertical-horizontal) mode or can be equatorially (polar) aligned using an optionally available wedge. This Tripod weighs 50 lb.