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Meade 1.25" Series 4000 ND96 Moon Filter - 07531

SKU: MEA-07531

Meade 1.25" Series 4000 Moon Filter ND96

The Meade Series 4000 Moon Filter is intended to reduce the brightness of the Moon when viewed through a telescope. It will make observing the Moon, especially when it is at or near Full, much more comfortable.

Threaded to stack with other filters or fit 1.25" eyepiece barrels, the Meade Moon Filter has a neutral density value of 0.96 and a 13% light transmission uniformly across the entire visual spectrum. It serves as an excellent filter to reduce glare when observing the Moon or Venus, but it may also be employed in the splitting of close double stars where one of the binary pair significantly exceeds the other in brightness. A Neutral Density Filter such as this also works great for terrestrial observing as it reduces glare without changing the color of the view.