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Pegasus Astro External Motor Controller - PEG-XMOTORCTRL


Pegasus Astro External Motor Controller

Bolster the focus capacity of the "Ultimate Powerbox v2" (supports a 2nd focus controller) while contributing additional functionality to the "Pocket Powerbox Advance" by using this Pegasus Astro XMC External Motor Controller. Attaches directly to the Powerbox EXT port. No USB cable is necessary to begin high precision operation of a large bipolar or unipolar stepper motor.


For extra precision and smooth rotation from the stepper motor, the External Motor Controller supports micro-stepping. This can be set up to full, half, 1/4 step, or 1/8 step using software.

Supported Motors

The following stepper motors have been successfully tested and controlled by Pegasus Astro:

  • Pegasus Motor Focus
  • Starlight HSM 25/30/35
  • Starlight MSM 25/30/35
  • Starizona Micro-Touch
  • Starlight PDMS (Posi Drive Motor System)
  • Rigel nStep Motors
  • Moonlite Stepper Motor
  • Robofocus Stepper Motor
  • Lakeside Stepper Motor

Please note that each motor requires its own cable due to the different pin-out selection of each manufacturer.

No USB Port Required

The Pegasus External Motor Controller does not require USB connectivity and thus does not need to take up a USB port. Simply plug the RJ12 port into the UPBv2 or PPBA's EXT port and the powerbox software will recognize the controller.

Second EXT Port Available

A second EXT port allows you to daisy chain future equipment or connect your environmental sensor.

Pegasus Astro External Motor Controller Specifications

  • Supply Voltage: 12V DC preferred. Accepts 8.2V to 24V depending on the motor
  • Drive Current: 1.6 amps per motor coil
  • Motor Compatibility: Unipolar and bipolar stepper motors
  • Motor Output: RJ45 socket
  • Connectivity: RJ12 socket (straight RJ12 to RJ12 cable) up to meters
  • Power Input Connector: 2.1 mm centre positive socket
  • Dimensions: 66 mm (2.6") x 66 mm (2.6") x 28 mm (1.1")