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QHY PoleMaster Electronic Polar Scope

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QHY PoleMaster Electronic Polar Scope

The QHY PoleMaster allows you to obtain a high precision polar alignment (up to 30 arcseconds) in about two minutes!

The PoleMaster polarscope uses a sensitive camera to take a picture of sky around Polaris. Because the camera is much more sensitive than your eyes, it can see the faint stars that surround the North Star, providing a more exact location of true north. The PoleMaster uses this image to calculate the NCP, and that is the first step in achieving a precise polar alignment.

The QHY PoleMaster is installed on the front of the RA axis with the proper mount adapter (sold separately) and is designed to detect the rotation center of the right ascension axis. This information, along with the location of the North Celestial Pole, is marked on the screen of the PoleMaster polar scope, and it is then a simple matter of adjusting the mount until the two marks overlap.

Once you have done this simple, quick alignment, you can monitor your polar alignment throughout the night. If you accidentally move the mount, it is easy to re-align by simply overlapping the two marks.

Please Note: The Polemaster polar scope has an 11 x 8 field of view so you will need at least 4 degrees of unobstructed sky around Polaris for it to function properly.

*Choose a PoleMaster Mount Adapter from the Options drop-down list. The PoleMaster cannot be used without the proper adapter. Once you have chosen your option, click the "add to cart" button. Thanks.

QHY PoleMaster Electric Polarscope Specs

  • Resolution: Approximately 30 arc seconds
  • Interface: Mini USB2.0
  • Software: QHYCCD PoleMaster Software - Windows Version Recommended*
  • Rough Precision: Approx. 5 arc minutes
  • High Precision: Max 30 arc seconds
  • Power Consumption: 0.35W, 70 mA (approx.)
  • Adapter: *Sold Separately

Mac Users Take Note: While QHY offers a beta version of the Polemaster polar scope software for those using Apple computers, we strongly recommend against using it as customers have experienced issues and are not able to get the camera to work correctly, if at all. As a result, we strongly recommend using a Windows-based operating system.