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Rigel Systems QuickFinder - R-CRS


Rigel Systems Quikfinder Finder

The Rigel QuickFinder Illuminated Reticle Finder Scope is a great addition to any telescope. The Rigel QuickFinder offers a quick and accurate way to center your telescope on a particular object. The Rigel Quikfinder is made of ultra tough ABS plastic and comes with two quick release bases so you can use one Rigel Quickfinder for multiple telescopes.

The Rigel Quickfinder offers a non-magnified view of the night sky and the finder's display projects a red LED image that is dotted with a two degree and one degree circle. The light intensity on the Rigel Quikfinder is variable and when you look through the lens on the finder it looks as though the red LED image is actually projected onto the night sky.

The Rigel Quick Finder comes standard with a built-in dew cap to prevent dew from building on the lens. The Rigel Quickfinder is powered by a 3 Volt Lithium Battery. The finder also has an adjustable brightness display, that can be set to remain on constantly lit, or blink at rates as fast as several times a second.