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Sky-Watcher Heritage 150 Tabletop Dobsonian

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Sky-Watcher Heritage 150 TableTop Dobsonian

  • With a large 150 mm aperture, fast f/5 optics, and 750 mm focal length, the Sky-Watcher Heritage TableTop Dobsonian Telescope produces sharp, superior contrast views of the Moon, planets, and much more
  • Borosilicate parabolic primary mirror with Sky-Watcher’s proprietary Metallic High-Transmission Coatings (MHTC)™
  • Truss-tube design collapses into a more compact size for convenient transport and storage while maintaining collimation
  • 1.25" helical focuser
  • Rubber feet on the Heritage 150's TableTop base enhance stability while keeping vibration to a minimum

In 1668, Sir Isaac Newton used optical lenses for his telescope in lieu of mirrors, resulting in an increase in aperture and a decrease in optical tube size for brighter celestial views, thus creating the very first reflector telescope. As a tribute to this design, the Heritage 150 pays respect to Newton as well as some of history's other great astronomers like Galileo, Messier, Kepler, and others. For the optimal combination of portability and aperture, just like Newton’s original design, the Heritage 150 TableTop Dobsonian uses a lightweight 150 mm parabolic primary mirror and a smooth, manual azimuth mount.

Although the Heritage 150 is merely a fragment of both the size and the cost of the Sky-Watcher Classic 150P Dobsonian, it still uses the same optics. The Heritage 150 is able to gather 363% more light compared to the naked eye, and 44% more light compared to the Heritage 130. Internal mirrors are built using durable borosilicate glass with a quartz overcoat prior to the addition of Sky-Watcher’s trademark Metallic High-Transmission Coatings (MHTC). With a special truss-tube optical tube design, the Heritage 150 collapses for convenient transport and storage while collimation is maintained. For the perfect grab-and-go travel scope offering an eye-catching, full size night sky viewing experience, you can't go wrong with the Sky-Watcher Heritage 150.

The Heritage 150's lightweight azimuth base uses a Teflon bearing for smooth, accurate slewing, and has an altitude locking knob for steady viewing. The base also features skid resistant rubber feet for suppressing vibration while allowing the telescope to be setup virtually anywhere, making this telescope the perfect camping companion.

Sky-Watcher Heritage 150 TableTop Dobsonian Specifications

  • Optical Design: Newtonian
  • Mirror Coatings: 94% Aluminum
  • Glass Type: Borosilicate
  • Primary Aperture: 150 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/5
  • Focal Length: 750 mm
  • Secondary Diameter: 48 mm
  • Secondary Obstruction by Diameter: 32%
  • Secondary Obstruction by Area: 10%
  • Dawes Limit: 0.77
  • Rayleigh Limit: 0.93
  • Limiting Magnitude: 13.36
  • Minimum Magnification Power: 21x
  • Maximum Magnification Power: 295x
  • Light Gathering Power: 363% compared to the human eye; 44% compared to the Heritage 130 model
  • Focuser: 1.25" Helical
  • OTA Length: 48"
  • OTA Length Collapsed: 16.75"
  • OTA Outer Diameter: 184 mm
  • OTA Weight with Accessories: 8 lbs.
  • Dobsonian Base Weight: 15.5 lbs.
  • Dobsonian Base Dimensions: 14.75" x 17"
  • Zenith Eyepiece Height: 28"