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Apertura 1.25" Moon Filter - A-MF1


Apertura 1.25" Moon Filter

The Moon is bright and this Moon Filter is just the thing for more comfortable (and rewarding!) viewing. It's like putting sunglasses on your telescope eyepiece! To use, simply thread onto the barrel of any 1.25" eyepiece or Barlow lens and then insert into the focuser or diagonal as usual. You will be amazed at how lunar features, such as craters big and small, maria, and mountains come into view when your eyes are not overpowered by the moon's brightness. This Moon Filter works well for Venus as well!

The Apertura moon filter has been produced with high grade optical glass and is anti-reflection coated to prevent glaring and ghosting. For the price, you can't beat this filter as it should be a staple in any astronomy filter collection.