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Solar Eclipse Glasses

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Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses

High Point Plastic Solar Eclipse Glasses - 1 Pair - PSSG

  • Filtering Wavelength: White Light
  • White Light Solar Filter Material: Mylar Film

What better way to enjoy a solar eclipse than with solar glasses! Solar eclipse glasses offer an easy and enjoyable viewing experience while shielding your eyes from the harsh effects of the Sun. Ordinary sunglasses, when with dark lenses, do not offer enough protection. As a solar eclipse draws closer, you will see more and more solar glasses advertised online. Be careful when purchasing solar glasses and always research to see if they are compliant with American Astronomical Society(AAS) safety standards. The AAS also lists reputable manufacturers and authorized dealers to help make it easier. Of course, High Point Scientific is one such dealer you can trust for reliable solar glasses.

There are certain precautions you must take in order to safely view the Sun. Before viewing, always inspect your glasses and do not use if there are any scratches or damages. Older solar filters and glasses recommend discarding the product after 3 years, as the filter gradually disintegrates. However, this is not the case for modern Sun-viewing accessories. Always consult an expert to confirm if you can safely use your older solar glasses.

Another option for viewing a partially eclipsed Sun safely is via pinhole projection. There are pinhole projectors you can make out of a cereal box so you can view the shadow of a partially eclipsed Sun. Or you can even loosely criss-cross your fingers into a waffle pattern and look at your hands’ shadow on the ground. The tiny spaces between your fingers will project a grid of small crescent images on the ground of the Sun in a partial eclipse. Again, never look directly at the Sun without proper eye protection. Viewing the Sun without protective eyewear can lead to permanent eye damage.

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