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Tele Vue Eyepiece Carry Bag - ECB-0010


Tele Vue Eyepiece Carry Bag

This Tele Vue Eyepiece Carry Bag is a soft, Pronto-sized case with rigid foam interior. Cutouts hold up to 13 eyepieces of all types including 31 mm Nagler Type 5 and Bino Vue. The Tele Vue Eyepiece Carry Bag is a wonderful accessory for carrying your Tele Vue accessories and eyepieces! Ok, you can carry non-Tele Vue eyepieces too. The variety of holes and cutouts permits many combinations including carrying the Bino Vue with eyepiece sets, the 31 mm Nagler Type 5, or diagonals. Flexibility from the dual hole, split foam provides proper size and depth for holding many different eyepiece types and accessories.

The dense foam protects eyepieces from shock and holds the case rigid. It will not flex even when loaded. The bag is an attractive medium gray nylon material, with foam inner liner. The exterior bag dimensions are 21" L x 9" W x 6" D. Carry handle and adjustable shoulder strap are included.