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Astrophotography Deal - Celestron 11" RASA - $800 Off - Now Only $2795 - Limited Quantity On Hand

Tripod & Pier Accessories

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Celestron Vibration Suppression Pads
$53.95 $46.95
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Software Bisque Heavy-Duty Wedge to Pier Adapter Plate for Paramount ME/MEII/MX Mounts
LOS-MA Meade Tripod Adapter
Losmandy Tripod Knob Set - TKS
ADM Accessories MX-G11 Tripod Adapter
Software Bisque Pyramid Portable Pier with Extension (Tripod not included)
Software Bisque MX Base to Pier Adapter Plate
Software Bisque MyT Base to ME/MX Pier Adapter Plate
Software Bisque Light Wedge to Pier Adapter Plate for Paramount ME/MEII/MX Mounts
MEC2 Installed on TA Tripod with M2 Mount
MEC10 Column for CG5 Style Tripods
MEC12 Column for CGE Style Tripods
$99.99 $79.99
$179.99 $169.99
Losmandy HD Tripod Foot - Set of 3 - BP
Losmandy 12" Tripod Extension for LW/HD Tripod - EX12
iOptron Mini Pier Extension
Losmandy FHD Tripod Leg Clamp Lever Set with 6 Indexable Levers - LCLS
Losmandy MAL Meade Tripod Adapter
3" Rider for Baader Stronghold Tangent Assembly
$54.00 $43.20
Losmandy Additional 6" Riser for AZ8

Amateurs are often satisfied with just their first tripod or pier to ensure stability for their telescope. However, the more you observe, the more options you will need to equip your tripod or pier. Telescope tripod accessories can give you the versatility that you normally see in deluxe tripods but at a fraction of the cost. Take vibration pads, for example. These inexpensive pads reduce shakes and vibrations that occur when you focus or align your scope. These pads do the work of much more expensive tripods to give you a more enjoyable experience behind the eyepiece.

Not only that, but you can increase the versatility of your tripod and open your scope to a broad range of viewing capabilities. Wheeley bars are handy not only mobilizing your telescope, but also for easy transport of equipment, such as computers, cameras, tables, or anything you can think of. Hauling equipment from the car to the observation site doesn’t have to be a long haul any longer. Take everything you need in one quick trip!

Even accessories you would never even think of are out there for the observer to experiment with. Extensions and adapters help you get more lift out of your tripod or pier. You can get yourself a new set of knobs to get enhanced tightening on your mount. High Point Scientific is here to help you find the telescope tripod accessories you need. Even if you’re not sure, we have experts ready to suggest accessories best for your setup.

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