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Telrad Reflex Sight Finder

SKU: TRD-1001
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Our take on the Telrad Reflex Sight Finder


30 years ago, I knew nothing about the night sky or astronomy. I went to a Halley's Comet viewing night and before me stood a 13" Dobsonian fitted with a Telrad. The owner basically handed me the keys and turned me loose on the cosmos. Within minutes I was "discovering" galaxies, nebulae, star clusters and glittering stars. I caught the astronomy bug that night, and I will always credit an easy telescope and the simple yet effective Telrad finder for making my transition to amateur astronomer so easy.

Telrad Finder with Base

What is perhaps one of the most useful and certainly the best selling telescope finder ever, The Telrad is an essential tool for those looking for assistance in their search for night sky objects. The Telrad mounts to your telescope easily and cleanly with double stick tape. Once mounted the Telrad is easy to align and is powered by two AA batteries.

The Telrad Finder is a non-magnified finder that provides a view of the sky. When you look through The Telrad finder you will see a large ring that projects a 0.5 degree, 2 degree, and 4 degree bulls eye. In virtually all instances when you look through the Telrad it appears as though the multi degree bulls eye is actually projecting on to the night sky which makes it very easy to hunt for your favorite night sky objects.

The Telrad Finder is a perfect and essential finder for Dobsonian Telescopes as it makes star hopping so much easier. The Telrad Finder also works very well with Go-To telescope because it assists in the accuracy of centering stars during the two star alignment process that many of today's Go-To telescopes use.

The Telrad Finder is simple to use and has been a top recommended accessory for years. We always recommend the Telrad Finder to our customers because it makes object locating much easier. The Telrad is 8" long and weighs 11 ounces. You can also transfer The Telrad to multiple telescopes by unlocking the finder from its base and mounting it on a different telescope with a separate base. Extra Telrad Bases are sold separately.