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Vaonis Stellina Telescope Observation Station

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The Ultimate Astronomy Viewing Experience

The Stellina Observation Station smart telescope from Vaonis provides the ultimate smart telescope experience. With Stellina, you can effortlessly observe the night sky, take images of what you see, share your viewing experience with up to 10 other devices simultaneously, share your photos on social media, and more, all in one compact, user-friendly package!

The Stellina observation station is full of powerful hardware to get the best images and connectivity possible. Integrated into Stellina is a Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor with STARVIS technology. This back-illuminated sensor features 2.4 μm pixels and 14-bit ADC to provide high resolution, high sensitivity, and high dynamic range.

Vaonis combines the high performance Sony imaging sensor with a powerful optical system inspired by the biggest professional observatories. Their Nasmyth design combines refractor lenses with high quality mirrors to produce a Nasmyth-style optical design.

A Feature-Rich Observation Station

The Stellina Observation Station smart telescope is loaded with features. Integrated, completely automated go-to pointing and tracking moves the scope automatically to track your stellar object while compensating for Earth's rotation. Integrated autofocus eliminates the need to manually adjust focus. An onboard dew heater keeps dew from accumulating on the lens, ensuring optimal observation at all times. An integrated light pollution filter helps to provide the highest quality images even in light polluted areas such as cities.

Observation and Education
In the middle of wilderness or in the coziness of your home, use Stellina wherever you choose. Light pollution is no longer an obstacle. You can now explore and observe the universe in the heart of a city. In addition, the Singularity companion app (see below) offers educational content making the experience of observation more interactive and exciting. You can now discover the many secres and stories that make the universe so fascinating!

It only takes a few seconds for Stellina to deliver the first image of your destination before stacking up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of others in real-time and so gradually reveal the details and colors of the selected object. Whether within a few minutes or over several hours, you decide what level of detail you want to achieve in your final image. Patience is a virtue and the beauties of the universe are to be won through merit and perseverance.

Share Your Observing Experience
Stellina redesigns the experience of observation. Watching the stars through the Singularity mobile app (see below) allows you to fly accross the vastness of the Universe all together with your friends or family. Connect up to 10 mobile devices to your station with the multi-user mode, then share your discoveries in Ultra-HD on social networks. You can now share your passion with everyone.

Singularity: The Vaonis App
The free Vaonis app, Singularity, acts as the control room for your Stellina Smart Telescope. This is where you decide every action you would like the Stellina to take. The app is very intuitive and user-friendly, so you do not have to worry about a steep learning curve. You can easily access any stellar object within the Singularity's catalog of objects, including planets like Jupiter and Saturn. Additionally, you will get personalized observation recommendations based on geolocation and the astronomical calendar. Using this information, Singularity also gives you the ability to thoroughly and easily plan out your evening session based on when your favored objects will be visible. This is also the place where you can learn about the objects you observe because the Singularity app is full of educational content to help make the experience more interactive and exciting. Once you start up your Stellina telescope, Singularity will guide you each step of the way. This mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Includes a Short Gitzo Tripod
To complete your observation experience, Vaonis has included the Short Gitzo tripod with the Stellina Observation Station. This amazing tripod features "Carbon Fibre eXact" carbon fiber tube legs which maximize leg rigidity and image stability. Removable feet allow the feet to be replaced after extended use, or swapped out for attachments such as spikes (sold separately). This lightweight tripod can carry a payload of up to 55 pounds and can adjust in height between 2.95 and 15.15 inches.