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Zhumell Z114 Portable Altazimuth Reflector Telescope - ZHUS002-1

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Zhumell Z114 Portable Alt-Az Reflector

The groundbreaking Z Series Dobsonians from Zhumell have been a revelation in the world of amateur astronomy. Now with the compact Z114, you can enjoy all the benefits of Zhumell's unparalleled quality in a tabletop Dobsonian with excellent portability. The Zhumell Z114 is perfect for those just getting started with astronomy, or for those in need of a grab-and-go scope to add to their repertoire.

Parabolic Mirror Provides Stunning Views

High-end features such as the 114 mm parabolic primary mirror built into the Zhumell Z114 are typically not found in telescopes of this size. This parabolic mirror eliminates spherical aberration and other visual defects for views that are considerably sharper. Better than 90% light transmission will provide consistently brighter views of fainter objects like nebulae.

Accessories you'll receive with this Zhumell Z114 Dobsonian Reflector kit include a red dot finderscope and two fully multi-coated eyepieces, a 17 mm eyepiece with 24x magnification for wide field views, and a 10 mm eyepiece with higher 40x magnification.

Industry-leading optical components allow the Zhumell Z114 to easily surpass the competition from similar-sized tabletop telescopes. The difference will be readily apparent to the user. With the Z114, Zhumell has concentrated your money in the optical system where it belongs.

Take This Dobsonian Everywhere

The Zhumell Z114 features a simple and streamlined mechanical design. Durable, sturdy construction allows this dobsonian reflector to endure even after years of wear and tear from use and travel. Conveniently compact and lightweight, the Z100 easily packs away so you can take it with you to remote star parties or on camping trips.

Setting up the Zhumell Z114 is a quick and easy process that can be accomplished in under a minute. As soon as you've arrived at your observing site and assembled your telescope, simply swing the scope using its lazy susan-style mount toward the object you want to view. Once you have your target centered using the included Red Dot Finder, you'll be all set to view it through the eyepiece. Then, as your target object moves across the night sky, you can make small adjustments for smooth and even tracking.

Whether as an experienced amateur, or as someone completely new to stargazing, the Zhumell Z114 will deliver the night sky based on your specific requirements. This ultra portable scope offers incredibly detailed images and will always be conveniently on-hand for spontaneous backyard viewing or for long viewing sessions.