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ZWO ASIAIR Pro WiFi Camera Controller for ASI Cameras - ASIAIR-PRO

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About the ZWO ASIAIR Pro WiFi Camera Controller

The ASIAIR Pro is the second generation of ASIAIR WiFi camera controllers and is packed full of advanced features! Based on user feedback, the ZWO ASIAIR Pro is designed specifically so ZWO ASI camera owners will have an excellent user experience!

The Pro version of the ASIAIR has a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and several methods of dovetail mounting.

Using the ASIAIR app, the entire device integration procedure, up to image capture, is incredibly easy and runs smooth.

Now housed in a CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum body, the ASIAIR Pro has 64 GB of built-in space and a 64 GB U-Disk. This gives the ASIAIR Pro a total 128 GB worth of storage! You can also use any size, user supplied storage device with the camera controller. ZWO's ASIAIR Pro also now has hardware based on the PI4 board and OS has been rewritten for the platform. USB3 is now standard for the PI4 board. Not only that, but the the PI4 has 4 GB of RAM. This, coupled with the new CPU, means that the Pro version is 30% faster than the PI3.

When it comes to slot and port positions, ZWO has designed the ASIAIR Pro so that the M4 and 1/4" opening on the bottom and side of the body are symmetrical.

Not only has the housing been redesigned for protection against the elements and wear and tear, the housing now has mounts so it can be installed on a finder foot, then a finder or guide scope can be mounted to the ASIAIR Pro. Talk about integration! Additionally, the ASIAIR Pro comes with a DSLR shutter control line that can be used to control the snap socket on many of the ZWO cameras.

The shell of the ASIAIR Pro is red anodized with a laser star map of the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major constellations. The body measures in at 92mm x 67mm x 35mm, so it will fit in your hand easily.

With a simple power management system, with 4 DC 12V @ 5A outlets, the ASIAIR Pro can be controlled from the ASIAIR app, and some of the ports can be PWM controlled for dew controllers. The minimum voltage is 11.5V and the max supported current is 6A. Please note that exceeding 6A may cause overheating. The voltage and current power outputs are 12V @ 3A, and the port type is 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm center positive.

If you are worried about compatibility, your worries end here. The ASIAIR Pro is compatible with the all ZWO ASI cameras, including the ASI 533 and ASI 2600. It is even compatible with ZWO devices like the EAF! The software included with the ASIAIR Pro are Live Stack, Automater Meridian Flip, and more! The ASIAIR app can be downloaded to iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices.