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Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit for Equatorial Telescopes


AstroMaster Accessory Kit for Celestron AstroMaster EQ Telescopes

"What accessories do I need for my Celestron AstroMaster?" is one of the top questions we are asked when a customer is contemplating the purchase of an AstroMaster telescope. It is true that most telescopes come with the components necessary to use it "out of the box", but in our experience, there are a few extras in this Celestron AstroMaster Telescope Accessory Kit that will really enhance your enjoyment of astronomy, and that's what it's all about!

Our first recommendation for your new Celestron AstroMaster telescope is to obtain an extra eyepiece or two. A telescope collects the light of celestial objects so we can see them, but an eyepiece's job is to magnify that image and bring it to your eye. Most amateur astronomers have between three and five eyepieces in their observing arsenal, from models that provide low power, wide angle views of deep space to high power views of the moon and planets.

  • In this Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit, we are including a Apertura 32 mm Plossl 1.25" Eyepiece. Together with the 10 mm and 20 mm eyepieces included with the AstroMaster telescope, you will have a total of three different magnifications to choose from. The Apertura 32mm Plossl has a chrome barrel that is threaded for 1.25" filters and will give you medium power views.

Another no-brainer accessory for any equatorially mounted Celestron AstroMaster telescope is a motor drive. Without the drive, the user manually adjusts the AstroMaster telescope in both right ascension and declination (east/west and north/south movements) with the slow-motion control knobs as the Earth rotates and objects drift across the sky. If you add a motor drive to the right ascension gear of the AstroMaster, then the majority of the movements necessary will be taken care of automatically. Now all you have to worry about is making adjustments in declination (north/south) occasionally to keep an object in your eyepiece for long periods of time.

  • A Celestron 93514 Motor Drive is included in this AstroMaster Accessory Bundle. It is easy to install and operate, and will add functionality to your telescope that you will really appreciate, especially when observing fast-moving objects like the Moon or planets.

When observing bright objects like the Moon or Venus, you will find that you need to cut the light coming to your eye a little bit in order to see details better. You'll be amazed at how bright the Moon is through a telescope, and if you don't have a Moon Filter handy, you will be tempted to put on your sunglasses!

  • Put your sunglasses away, because the Celestron AstroMaster Accessory Kit includes a finely crafted High Point 1.25" Moon Filter. To use it, simply thread this neutral density filter onto the barrel of any 1.25" eyepiece, including the 32 mm Plossl included in this kit. Now you can observe the Moon without being blinded by the light, and you'll see more details, too.

More About the Celestron Motor Drive

Add this small, easy-to-install motor drive to your Celestron AstroMaster equatorial mount and your telescope will automatically track the stars as they move from east to west through the sky. The Celestron 93514 Motor Drive will also work with any set-up that uses a Celestron CG-2 or CG-3 equatorial mount. When the telescope mount is properly polar aligned and the RA drive is attached and running, you will only be required to make occasional adjustments in declination (north/south movements) to keep an object in the eyepiece for long periods of time.

The Celestron single-axis motor drive runs on a 9V battery, so there are no cords to get in the way. The drive can be used in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere. To change hemispheres (reverse the motor’s direction), simply flip the North/South (N/S) switch on the face of the motor drive. It is also simple to change the speed of the motor. A knob is located just under the power indicator, and can be turned in either direction to slow down or speed up the motor. Since the Sun, Moon, planets, and deep-space objects move through the sky at different speeds, this gives you the ability to match the motor’s speed to the particular type of object you are observing.

More About the Apertura 32 mm Plossl Eyepiece

The 32 mm Plossl from Apertura is a great eyepiece for the beginner to intermediate level astronomer. A 52 Degree Field of View, 13 mm of eye relief, and full multi-coatings define the high end quality of this eyepiece. Beginner and intermediate astronomers will love this eyepiece as it will enhance the performance of their telescope! Overall, this eyepiece will be a great addition to your telescope collection!

  • This Apertura 32 mm Plossl Eyepiece delivers crisp and clear, well-resolved images of the night sky, because it comes equipped with fully multi-coated lens surfaces and blackened lens edges.
  • The 32 mm Plossl is a joy to use with a generous 13 mm of eye relief.
  • 52° Field of View
  • Accepts 1.25" Filters
  • This 32 mm Plossl Eyepiece by Apertura has a 4-element optical lens design.

More About the High Point Moon Filter

What's the first thing most everyone looks at once they set up their telescope for the first time? The Moon! With most objects in our night sky, we need all the light-gathering we can get, but with the Moon--not so much. In fact, the Moon is so bright, even during partial phases, that we actually need to filter out some of the light. Using a Moon Filter is kind of like putting sunglasses on when it's really bright outside. Without sunglasses, we suffer from glare and diminished detail--in other words, we see less and on top of that, we enjoy it less as well. No one likes to squint for long. Well, the Moon is like that. Add a neutral density filter when you observe the moon, and you will view more comfortably AND see more detail to boot.

The AstroMaster EQ Bundle from High Point Scientific includes a 1.25" Neutral Density filter that will reduce the brightness of the Moon without adding any strange colors. It is made of anti-reflection coated high grade optical glass that is encircled by a threaded cell. To use this 1.25" filter, just screw it onto the barrel of most any 1.25" eyepiece. It comes with a plastic filter case so it will stay safe and clean when not in use.

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