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Apertura 0.5X Focal Reducer - 2" - A-FR2


Apertura 0.5X Focal Reducer - 2"

  • The 0.5X Focal Reducer cuts your telescope's focal length in half

  • Delivers a wide field and reduces exposure times for astrophotography

  • The 0.5X Focal Reducer from Apertura has a 2 element optical design with fully multi coated optics, and accepts 2" threads

  • The lens cell is anodized black to reduce stray light reflections

  • The Apertura .5X focal reducer is a great accessory that allows for great flexibility when customizing your set up

The Apertura 2" 0.5X Focal Reducer essentially cuts the focal ratio of your telescope in half which results in a wider field of view. This Focal Reducer is a great addition to any astrophotography set up as it can cut your exposure time down considerably! Our focal reducer has a 2 element optical design with fully multi-coated optics. Built to last, all optical elements sit in a strong black anodized cell. This focal reducer is compatible with most 2" accessories.