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Apertura Lens Pen - A-PEN


Apertura Lens Pen

The Apertura Lens Pen is just the tool you need to do a quick cleaning job on all of your smaller optics! Use the retractable brush to gently remove dust and any other loose particles. That may be all the cleaning your small telescope, binoculars, camera lenses, or eyepieces need, but if there is still some smudges, use the other end of the Apertura Lens Pen to gently remove them. The special non-liquid cleaning element is designed to be gentle yet effective and will never dry out.

Whenever the Apertura Lens Pen is not in use, make sure to retract the cleaning brush and use the cap. This Lens Pen is so portable; you can keep It in your camera bag or astronomy accessory case so it will always be available when you need it. Remember, only clean your optics when you have to! A few specks of dust is normal and won't usually interfere with your observations. If you do need to clean, always choose the tool with the least impact on the surface of the glass first. Taking care to only clean your optics when absolutely necessary will help keep the coatings intact and scratch-free.