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Apertura Universal Tripod Case - UTC


Apertura Universal Tripod Case

Keep your telescope tripod or camera tripod clean as well as bug- and scratch-free by storing it in this heavy-duty tripod case from Apertura! The Apertura Universal Tripod Case is easier to carry than hauling around a tripod on its own. Just unzip the top (the end with the Apertura "A" on it) and slide your tripod in feet first. If you need extra length, you can unzip the top OR bottom extension to reveal several extra inches of storage space! The tripod carry case comes with both a sturdy handle and a shoulder strap.

The Apertura Universal Tripod Case will hold a wide range of tripods from various manufacturers, including the standard field tripod used for Meade LX200 telescopes as well as the tripod that comes with the LX90, LX85, LX65, and CG-5 mounts.  Celestron telescopes mounted on the CGX or smaller will also fit.  That includes the CGEMII, CGEM, Advanced VX and more.  Other similarly sized tripods from Sky-Watcher, Orion and iOptron should fit in this case as well.  It is not big enough to hold the extra large tripods for the CGX-L or the Giant Field Tripod from Meade.  

The super-beefy industrial zippers will keep everything closed up tightly during storage or transport. The Cordura-like fabric is tightly woven, and although it is not waterproof, the Apertura case will resist water and fine dust.  The two straps are thoughtfully places to help balance the load.  Protect your equipment, order an Apertura Universal Tripod Case today!