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AstroZap Artificial Star - AZ-1600


AstroZap Artificial Star - AZ-1600

The Artificial Star by AstroZap is a high-quality, steady, stable star which can be used for telescope collimation. It can be mounted on a table, or attached to a standard photo tripod using the 1/4-20 adaptor provided on the bottom of the unit.

The Astrozap Artificial Star can be used at star parties to provide a star for everyone. The star produced from this unit never moves, so there are no tracking or centering issues to worry about. The Artificial Star is unaffected by atmospheric disturbances so you can get an accurate collimation under any seeing conditions.

The placement of the artificial star depends on the telescope. For an 8" SCT Astrozap recommends approximately 100 feet. Performance improves the further away the star is placed, until you start to lose contrast in the eyepiece. Indoor use is a possibility, although it is recommended that the scope be in place for the best collimation.