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Bob's Knobs SkyWatcher 5" - 10" & C6, C8, and C10; Newtonian Primary Collimation Knobs - SWPRI


Bob's Knobs Orion 5" - 10" Newtonian Collimation Knobs Primary

Bob's Knobs Orion 5"- 10" Newtonian Collimation Knobs fit SkyWatcher 5", 6", 8", and 10" Newtonian telescopes. Also fits 6", 8" and 10" Celestron Newtonians with or without GoTo.

Primary Collimation and Primary Lock both have black plastic knobs 16 mm in diameter or 5/8". Their threads are stainless steel.

  • With primary knobs installed, the telescope optical tube assembly will clear the Dobsonian rocker box
  • Replacing the factory flathead Phillips collimation screws are knobs with shorter screws and spacers. Knobs with longer screws replace the factory set-style locking screws
  • Knobs must be staggered in height since the factory locking and collimation screws are close together. The locking knobs protrude further than the collimation knobs