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Bob's Knobs SkyWatcher 5" - 10" & C6, C8, and C10; Newtonian Secondary Collimation Knobs - CNSEC30


Bob's Knobs Orion 5" - 10" Newtonian Collimation Knobs Secondary

Bob's Knobs Orion 5"- 10" Newtonian Collimation Knobs fit Celestron C10-N/NGT, C8-N/NGT, Orion Astroview, Star Blast, Skywatcher, Skyview, SkyQuest XX and XT, and many others. Also fits 6", 8" and 10" Celestron Newtonians with or without GoTo.

  • Bob's Knobs are made from black plastic and are 13 mm in diameter or 1/2".
  • The threads are stainless steel.
  • Secondary Characteristics include a deeply recessed center screw, 4-vane spider, and factory headless set collimation screws. Note the secondary plate holding the screws is about 20 mm (3/4") thick.
  • Bob's Knobs offers knobs having screws with either 30 mm or 35 mm length. Make sure to have knobs with a screw length cable of allowing the knobs to clear the secondary housing. Most commonly used is the 30 mm.