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Apertura 10 x 50 Right Angle Finder Scope with Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece - White - 50RAF-W

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Apertura 50mm Right Angle Finder Scope Package in White

One of the trickiest parts of using a telescope on a manual mount is making sure that the object is centered within your eyepiece. Well, adding this Apertura 50mm Right Angle Finder Scope is a great way to center those objects so you can get a clear view during your observation session.

This Illuminated Right Angle Finder has a built-in erect image prism that helps you see objects as you would when looking up in the sky, right side up. It also helps you view near the zenith without getting a crick in your neck! The full 5° field of view and limiting magnitude of 11 means that this finder will show you plenty of stars and even some brighter nebulae!

Apertura Right Angle Finder Scope Specifications

  • Scope Type: Finder
  • Aperture: 50mm
  • Limiting Magnitude: 11
  • Field of View: 5°
  • Focusing: Helical Focuser
  • Eye Relief: 20mm
  • Internal: Baffled
  • Dimensions: 10mm x 50mm
  • Material: Aluminum anodized flat white
  • Weight: 26 oz. (with eyepiece and illuminator but without bracket)

Included Accessories

The Finder Scope Package comes complete with the following accessories:

  • 50mm Quick Release Bracket : The Quick Release Bracket from Apertura is CNC machined for quality and durability. It includes three screws, tipped with Delrin, that can be hand tightened for collimation.
  • Single Cross Hair Reticle Eyepiece : This eyepiece has a 1.25" barrel and a focal length of 24 mm. It can be removed from the finder scope if desired. A reticle eyepiece has a crosshair on the lens so objects can be easily centered when looking through the eyepiece.
  • An Illuminator for the Reticle Eyepiece: With an ON/OFF button and adjustable brightness to light the crosshair within the eyepiece, this illuminator makes a great addition to the reticle eyepiece in this package due to its ease of use. Lighting these guiding lines means that the lines can be seen even in the darkest of nights. Batteries are included.

This Product Comes with the Apertura Absolute Warranty!

  • Two-Year Warranty against product defects.
  • Three-Year Accident Replacement Program that begins after your initial 2 year warranty expires.
  • Your Apertura Absolute Warranty is transferable.

Download a copy of the Apertura Absolute Warranty for more information on this program, how to make a claim, and why it is important to keep your original receipt and the product's original boxes & packaging!