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Eyepiece Trays

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Without an eyepiece tray, it can often be hard shuffling through accessories to find the correct eyepiece. Even more so, sometimes you must simply put the eyepiece in your pocket until it is ready for use. This increases the risk of damage to the eyepiece from either scratching against other items in the pocket or falling out of the pocket. No one wants a broken eyepiece, especially as it can ruin a perfect viewing session.

The Astrozap Eyepiece Trays put an end to difficult eyepiece switching. This tray allows you to organize your eyepieces and keep them within arm’s reach. The eyepiece tray attaches to your telescope and reduces the chance of damaging the eyepieces with swapping them. Every Astrozap Eyepiece Tray is made of solid aluminum and powder coated. These trays, proudly made in the USA, are made to resist corrosion and maintain aesthetics for years after purchase.

Every eyepiece tray is compatible with 1.25” and 2” eyepieces, Barlow lenses, and other viewing accessory barrels that are either 1.25” or 2”. There are two trays offered here at High Point, the Astrozap Dobsonian Eyepiece tray which can be attached to the wooden Dobsonian mirror box with only a couple of screws and the Astrozap Eyepiece Tray for the Meade LXD 55/75 series mounts. These trays are specifically designed to fit at the top of the tripod and at the base of the telescope. They even have pre-cut slots to hold the Meade Autostar® hand paddle.

Having an eyepiece tray is a must when it comes to the protection of your eyepieces and the ease of use. Astrozap has got you covered with it’s high quality trays.

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