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David Levy 11" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 11E

  • The 1'" Planisphere is made in the USA of durable plastic.

  • This is made to be used in the Northern Hemisphere from 30-60 degrees latitude.

  • The David H. Levy Planisphere's two parts are easy to use.

  • The planisphere uses two-sided projection to reduce sky distortion.

David Levy 16" Planisphere for 30-60 Degrees North - 16E

  • The 16" David H. Levy's Guide to the Stars Planisphere is made in the USA of plastic for durability.

  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere from 30-60 degrees latitude.

  • The David Levy Planisphere is easy to use and shows objects you can find with binoculars on the front.

  • The back includes information on the Moon, planets and meteor showers and more.

Ken Press Our Galaxy and the Universe

SKU: KEN-1-928771-08-4
  • This book covers our galaxy and the Universe as a whole in a way that is great for one to fifteen year old.
  • Our Galaxy and the Universe is part of the Twenty-First Century Astronomy Series.
  • There are 36 pages in this astronomy book.
  • The book dimensions are 8.50 x 11.00 x 0.37.

Ken Press Guide to the Stars 11-inch Student Planisphere

SKU: KEN-1-928771-22-X
  • The author of this planisphere is Ken Graun.

  • The planisphere is geared toward children ages five to fifteen.

  • For use in the Northern Hemisphere from 30 to 50 degrees latitude.

  • The 11" Guide to the Stars features 70 constellations, 55 star names, 12 easy binocular objects, and more.

  • The Ken Press Guide to the Stars is made of durable plastic.

Ken Press Field Guide - Messier Objects Laminated Chart

  • The author of the Ken Press Field Guide is Ken Graun.

  • The chart is made plastic laminated to help with water resistance.

  • When folded, the chart measures 3.875" x 8.5" and 8.5" x 19" when unfolded.

  • This field guide is full of information on Messier Objects.

Ken Press brings you star charts, field guides, and planisphere to help you understand the universe around us. Their star guides are used by astronomers all over the world to navigate the stars. Established in 1988 Ken Press is a small printing company dedicated exclusively to astronomy related publications. With decades of experience, they know what information astronomers are looking for.

Field guides are a great way to get acquainted with celestial objects. Ken Press offers field guides on what’s lurking in deep space such as Messier’s objects. Field guides give you a catalog of star clusters, galaxies, and nebulae. These are perfect for anyone looking to start deep-sky observing because it is easy to use out in the field and shows you more objects than you ever knew existed.

Planispheres are another favorite among amateur astronomers. This is your map to the sky. A planisphere will show you what stars, constellations, and celestial objects you can see on any night in the year. Simply adjust the planisphere to the time and date you are observing and the Planisphere will reveal the objects in the sky at that particular time. Ken Press planispheres reveal more constellations than most other planispheres on the market today. In fact, their planispheres are so detailed that it may take some getting used to. You may not find the objects you’re looking for at first, but with time and patience, you will become a master of the night sky.

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