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ZWO Seestar S50 All-in-One Smart Telescope

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Introducing the Seestar S50 All-in-One Smart Telescope from ZWO!

The SeeStar S50 Smart Telescope from ZWO combines a telescope, electric focuser, astronomy camera, and ASIAIR controller into one unit! This all-in-one telescope also includes an alt-azimuth mount, integrated tripod, and filter-switching device to give you the most well-rounded, out-of-the-box experience possible! It comes with all of this while still only weighing in at 3kg! Pairing it with the compatible mobile app will allow you to unlock its potential and capture images of sky objects such as the Sun, Moon, galaxies, and nebulae. Using the ZWO Sky Atlas and "Night's Best Objects," you will be ready to plan your evening's viewing session in minutes!

With this innovative smart telescope from ZWO, you can take full control of your astro-imaging. Through the app, you can quickly learn the weather and see recommendations for the night's viewing. From there, you can select the celestial targets through the "Stargazing" setting or go into landscape mode, "Scenery," and pick terrestrial targets. Then all it takes is a click and shoot! It's super easy. For added ease, using the built-in sensors, you can easily level your tripod from your mobile phone!

Live-stacking, Auto Go-To and Tracking, Object Databases, and More!

The ZWO S50 SeeStar is full of incredible features that not only simplify your astrophotography sessions but engage provide powerful performances including live stacking, auto GoTo and tracking, wireless connection, a star database, and an immersive visual experience. Learn more about these features by reading below.

Immersive Visual Experience
The ZWO Seestar S50 offers professional-grade triplet apochromatic optics. These optics provide crisp images of the night sky while maintaining excellent control of chromatic aberration. The included high-quality coating on the lens helps reduce light loss and enables you to get the most out of your visual observation with this 50mm smart refractor.

Seestar Imaging Sensor
This Seestar Smart Telescope uses the amazing Sony IMX462 sensor, which features Sony's STARVIS technology. With this sensor, you are able to capture clear and sharp images, even in extremely low light conditions. Additionally, you are able to capture image details in the near IR range. Utilizing this Sony sensor, makes the Seestar an excellent companion to an astroimagers. The IMX462 sensor has a 1920x1080 resolution.

Live Stacking
ZWO has equipped the Seestar S50 with the ability to deliver stunning images through live stacking mode. The more images you take, the more stunning the details and colors. With this mode, you will slowly reveal details otherwise invisible to the naked eye!

WiFi Connection
Looking to take your Seestar on the road? This ZWO smart telescope is operated using its built-in Wi-Fi, allowing you to use the Seestar anywhere, even without cell service! After powering on your Seestar, simply connect your phone or tablet through its generated Wi-Fi, allowing for immediate use through the app’s intuitive interface. Please note this smart telescope cannot be controlled through Bluetooth, however does require access to Bluetooth permissions for initial set up through the app as the connection can only be made through its own Wi-Fi. To ensure accurate performance, it is recommended to download the Seestar app prior to travel. Whether you are looking to take your telescope to your backyard, on a camping trip, or to a star party, enjoy stunning images of your favorite objects in space from anywhere!

Low Power Consumption
ZWO has designed the SeeStar S50 in such a way that it has low battery consumption for extended battery life. With this feature, you can operate your smart telescope for 6 hours when starting with a fully charged battery. The SeeStar can also be recharged with a compatible power bank such as the Apertura PS155 while in use, so you never have to worry about power and can spend more time focusing on your astrophotography!

Auto Focus, GoTo, and Tracking
When combined with your phone's GPS sensor, the SeeStar S50's built-in sensors and star maps allow the refractor to automatically complete the self-calibration and alignment process. This makes the smart refractor an excellent companion for any amateur astronomer, as you don't have to be an astronomy expert to use the telescope. The telescope itself will be the expert that guides you along your journey. The auto focus system takes the hassle out of finding and maintaining the perfect focus. With the auto focus system, the images will come out sharp and crisp every time, and will even provide auto focus when in scenery mode. The Auto GoTo and tracking makes finding your objects easy. All you need to do is find the object on your phone, and the SeeStar will automatically align with the target and start tracking. This tracking will compensate for the Earth's rotation to ensure your object remains centered.

Seestar App and Object Database
You can use your smartphone or tablet as a telescope command center! With just a few clicks, you will have access to SeeStar's incredible star and deep sky object database, which includes lists and detailed information about your chosen celestial target!